Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Hot Time In Autumn

Kicked off the morning with oatmeal and Hogan's Heroes. Hogan convinces Klink that LeBeau is "The Gypsy" after he falls off the roof and is almost struck by lightning. LeBeau starts making predictions that Klink is headed for a major promotion, but Hogan has less glorious plans in mind.

To Hogan's horror, Carter gets spooked and speaks English during a sabotage job. Suddenly, two scientists and a Gestopo officer are camped on their doorstep...but it turns out they're "The Dropouts" who want out of the country. The guys have to oblige, before they give away their operations. 

Headed off to work shortly after the episode ended. I was supposed to be bagging today, but they already had two baggers when I arrived, including the afternoon bagger. I did push carts and sweep the store, but I also ended up in a register three times. Good thing it was a short shift, and I was in and out.

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road, despite rush hour just starting. It was busy around the Audubon Crossings entrance, but not so bad once I got into Oaklyn. The weather continues to be blah here, cloudy, humid, and a little too warm for this time of year. The trees are still too green, but the roses are brilliant shades of carmine red and shell pink.

Rose called me shortly after I got in. She's not happy about the house being sold. It's been in our family for years, and we have a ton of memories here. Her kids are devastated. I can understand hers and Jodie's points of view, and the reason Dad left it to Jodie and not one of us. Rose is right that we have a lot of memories here...but Jodie's also correct that the house is big and expensive, and she has even fewer places to go than I do. I'd rather it went to a large family that could take better care of it than any of us, and maybe make a few new memories. 

At any rate, I did tell Rose I called two realtors and got lines on houses. We even arranged for her to drive me to the one in Collingswood tomorrow. And then, of course, I found out in an e-mail that the one in Collingswood was rented, and one of the Haddon Heights properties will only show on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, when I'm working. I hope I'll have an easier time with the one on the Black Horse Pike. I texted and called Rose and told her about the change.

Sneaked some writing in. Brett and Charles both protest the accusations against Richard stealing the tarts. He was with Brett the whole time! The Red King's had enough of this. He makes Charles disappear to the feared "Limbo" when he tries to flee.

Broke for half of a turkey hoagie Jodie gave me for dinner at quarter of 7. Brett shows off her pretty pink batik dress a friend made for her on Match Game '74...and the wide sleeves prompt a hang gliding quip from Richard. Scoey Mitchilll is more interested in flirting with the contestant, while Charles tries to figure out the Head-to-Head for "Toll __."

A question about whom Weird Wanda would be most likely to marry prompted some odd answers, including a really goofy one from Patti Deustch, on Match Game PM. Bill Daily is more interested in stripping out of his suit vest, which eventually ends up on Lee Merriweather, then eating a bad answer, while an unamused Patti tries to explain what happened to her bangs. Brett's nervous about helping the contestant with "__ No Evil" in the Head-to-Head.

Returned to Hogan's Heroes while I finally put up the Halloween decorations. Hogan's saying "Easy Come, Easy Go" when the Germans offer him a million dollars to take a train to England and steal an experimental new plane. Klink goes along with him to make sure he doesn't escape, but he's not exactly passable as an American fighter.

Finished the night online with Halloween episodes and specials. The Love Boat celebrates Halloween with a big costume ball. "Cindy" wants to attend and sing for the Prince of Pop (Frank Sinatra Jr.), but her stepmother (Carolyn Jones) won't let her. Gopher helps her find the costume of her dreams. Two competing sportscasters (Christopher George and Lynda Day George) do sports to see who has the better "Play By Play" and whom is the weaker sex. A brother (Tom Hallick) wonders "What's a Brother For?" when his disabled sibling (Patrick Wayne) interferes with his shipboard romance with a lovely lady (Joan Van Ark). 

Garfield the Cat also has a water-bound Halloween in Garfield's Halloween Adventure. He and Odie dress as pirates in search of trick-or-treating booty. The last place they expected to end up was a haunted island at midnight populated by ghost pirates after their treasure!

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