Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Starting Over Again

Shortly after I finished my blog last night, those dark clouds finally opened, and it started thundering and pouring cats, dogs, and chickens. By the time I got up this morning, the rain ended, but the clouds and humid temperatures remained. This was no day for running around. Besides, I had a lot of things to do at home. 

Started things off with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, after I reset the modem in Jodie's side of the house. Miss Elaina shows Dan and his mom her dad's decorations for "The Neighborhood Fall Festival." When wind blows the decorations down, the kids want to make it exactly the same, but they can't figure out how. Mrs. Tiger tells them it's ok to do the best they can. It's "Field Day at School," and the kids are excited to kick soccer balls between pumpkins and jump over leaf piles. Not all of them are great at every sport, but Teacher Harriet reminds them that it's more important to do what's right for them.

Muppet Babies put out their second Halloween episode last week. Kermit's saying "Oh My Gourd" when he borrows Bunsen and Beaker's latest gadget to make his pumpkin grow faster. Not only does it become huge, but it becomes sentient...and it's demanding constant attention from Kermit and the others. Animal's hit by "The Curse of the Wereanimal" when he eats a whole bowl of candy instead of his cheese sandwich. The sugar turns him into a raging werewolf who threatens to destroy the kids' haunted house. The others try to convince him that you have to eat good food before you grab the snacks.

Went online for a few hours. Finally got to calling the realtor who helped Jodie, and another in Collingswood. Both were very sweet and willing to help. They sent me two listings in Haddon Heights for apartments on the second floor of or attached to houses; the one in Collingswood threw in a property in West Collingswood Heights. While the Collingswood one is a bit more expensive and one is on the noisy White Horse Pike, they all have decent kitchens and laundry in the basement and may be worth checking out. I e-mailed both ladies and told them I was interested. I've heard from one who wants to show me the Collingswood house on Thursday.

Made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins for lunch when I got off. Watched Hogan's Heroes while I worked. "It's Dynamite" that's being stored in the cooler, to the frustration of pretty much everyone at Stalag 13. What's worse, the trucks delivering the dynamite seem to be vanishing, including one driven by Schultz.

Scrubbed the kitchen and dusted the apartment while watching It's Always Fair Weather on TCM, or trying to when it wasn't buffering. I go further into this unusually dark Gene Kelly/MGM musical at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Finished the movie online; worked on writing after it was done. The Red King is angry as heck with Charles' pointing out his invasion of the tea party. He's not pleased when Brett, Richard, Orson, and Gary the Doormouse back him up, either. He needs to get rid of this new hatted menace...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Turned the two giant quarter chicken legs I bought cheap a few weeks ago into Chicken Sauterne. Browned the legs, dredged them in flour, then sautéed mushrooms, onions, and garlic in white cooking wine and chicken broth. Cooked them for an hour. They were absolutely amazing with brown rice and sautéed green beans, perfectly juicy and flavorful. (In fact, I mainly made the recipe to get rid of salty cooking wine.)

Betty White and Brett Somers have a lot of fun sniping at each other's ages in Match Game '74. Meanwhile, the others deal with a tie that takes so long, they never get to the Super Match. Match Game PM introduces the first non-human panelists on the show, beloved vintage puppets Kukla and Ollie. They get to watch Eva Gabor help a sweet young woman with "Nice and __" on the Head to Head.

Finished my night with more Hogan's Heroes as I cleaned up from dinner, vacuumed, and ran the Swifter. London thinks rescuing Tiger, the guys' favorite French Resistance fighter, is too dangerous. Hogan ignores them and recruits everyone for "Operation Tiger" anyway. 

Hochstetter is still determined to catch Hogan in the act and is now monitoring all radio broadcasts. The guys try to snag Klink's car radio to help get signals out. When it turns out he doesn't have one, they'll need to find another way for "The Big Broadcast" to go on. 


Linda said...

Don't bother with "cooking wine" for cooking. The only reason "cooking wine" even exists is because of Prohibition! Find the cheapest bottle of white or rose you can find; we usually pay about $4. Moscato works really well for the white wine.

Emma said...

Truthfully, I think I might start doing that. The "cooking wine" is full of salt, which I'm still trying to cut down on.