Saturday, October 23, 2021

That Old Muppet Magic

Slept in this morning; when I did roll out of bed, I had a quick breakfast while watching the Classic Concentration morning feed on Buzzr. The girl and guy were neck-and-neck for most of the round, but he got the puzzle half-way through. Went on to get the car in the bonus round with a few seconds left, too. Marcia Wallace and Henry Pollic III were just coming on Super Password when I called Uber. They arrived in less than three minutes and got to the Acme in five.

No problems at work whatsoever. We were off-and-on steady all day. I shelved candy between customers. My break was late, possibly because it was supposed to be during one of the "on" times when people flooded in from fall festivals and hay rides. It slowed down enough by 4 that I was able to get off with no problems. It did take 13 minutes for my Uber to arrive, but there was no traffic and no trouble getting home, either.

Worked on writing when I got in. The Red King (Mark Goodson) wants the sentence first. Brett insists that's not how it's done. Queen Betty realizes she's losing control here and starts demanding everyone listens to her or else. Orson the March Hare and Gary the Doormouse want to know what happened to their friend Charles the Hatter.

(Oh, and I got incredibly lucky. The rain that threatened South Jersey all day finally arrived shortly after I got home. It continued for a little while after that, but I don't think it's rained since then.)

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Had leftovers while watching Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney Plus. I go further in the first Muppets Halloween special at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night on YouTube with Halloween episodes of The Lawrence Welk Show. You'd think this sweet show and scary holiday would go together like oil and water. It actually works out better than you might think. I think my favorite of the three episodes I found was the one from 1965. Jo Ann Castle (looking like Phyllis Diller as the Bride of Frankenstein) and a Frank-like Jack Imel did "Trick or Treat" from the Donald Duck cartoon for a pair of freaked-out Lennon Sisters. The Lennons grabbed their little sisters to be skeletons for "Dry Bones," and Bobby Burgess and his then-partner Barbara Boylen were bats "In the Hall of the Mountain King." Norma Zimmer made a lovely witch singing about "Three O'Clock In the Morning," and a devilish Arthur Duncan danced to "Old Devil Moon."

The 1975 show was almost as much fun. Bobby was the devil this time with Cissy King, dancing to "Satan Takes a Holiday." Anacani was a gorgeous Victorian senorita singing "Blue Moon," and Gail, Sandy, and Mary Lou were a trio of witches out of Hocus Pocus asking people to "Put On a Happy Face." Dick Dale got really weird as a mad scientist creating three singing beauties when he wanted a "Real Live Girl." Arthur reprised "Old Devil Moon," this time for some reason as a tap-dancing astronaut.

They dropped the party theme by 1978 and just did a series of skits and mildly scary songs. Bobby and Cissy reprise "Satan," this time as a pair of dancing skeletons bothering "The Phantom of the Organ" Bob Ralsten. The "Me and My Shadow" choir number with black and white costumes and two skits with Bob Dale as a sorcerer who keeps trying to make himself smile were more strange than cute or funny. 

Enjoy a little spooky background music this Halloween season with Welk, his singers, and their magical, musical parties. 

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