Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ride Captain Ride

We got an early start on the road today around quarter of 8. Lauren's parents had an appointment at the dermatologist's 15 minutes from the Albany train station. Listened to the Perfect Strangers Dance of Joy podcast discuss the third season episode "My Brother, Myself" while we waited for them. 

At least it was a lovely day for a drive. The clouds finally cleared out last night. Everything was sunny and clear, without a hint of mist. It was chilly and windy, but probably not abnormally so for the time of year. 

The Millers dropped me off at the station. Mr. and Mrs. Miller are still wary of going in public places, even with masks, so I hugged them in the parking lot and took my leave there. The Millers are very sweet people, and I always have a great time when I visit. Treated myself to a tasty butter crumb cake at the cafe, hit the bathroom, and read Guilty as Cinnamon until they announced my train.

This may be the easiest train trip I've ever had. The train to Albany left on time and arrived 20 minutes early. The New York to Philly train was actually going to Richmond and arrived about five minutes late, but nothing worse than that. The weather remained gorgeous, sparkling on the blue river waters along the Ethan Allen Express. For the first time in years, I got seats on both trains to myself. The stations weren't busy, either. I even got to experience a bit of a bustling New York when I crossed 8th Street passing between Penn Station and Moynihan. Bought a roast beef hoagie for dinner at Jersey Mike's, then got an Uber home within seven minutes. Hit a little bit of traffic, but was still home in about a half-hour.

There was a package waiting for me on my counter that definitely wasn't there when I left. I put everything away while watching Match Game '75, then opened the box. It was Sees Candies, chocolates in a pretty fall-themed tin. 

Had dinner while watching Match Game. The '75 episode was one of the best of that year. Fannie Flagg flirts with a handsome high school teacher, culminating in her fainting after he kisses her during the Audience Match. Things get even more wild after he picks her as his match for the Head-to-Head!

Called Mom as Match Game '77 began. Yes, she sent me the candies. She's having a rough time at the Ferry, too. They're not doing any better with hiring help than anyone else, and she's tired of having hours piled on her. She's leaving after the end of the season on October 30th and will take the winter off to figure out her next move. She has money from the sale of the house and Social Security. She just wants a small side job to compliment her income, and she's still looking to move in with Keefe and his wife once the pandemic and the housing market calm down.

I wish I knew what to do next like that. I've already decided I'm giving myself until Three King's Day, or January 6th. If things don't improve at the Acme, I am leaving and finding a better job. Unlike Mom, Jodie, and Rose, I do need to make an income...if only to have something to do. 

I'm sick and tired of everyone throwing the insurance and retirement fund in my face. I don't care anymore. I'm way beyond caring. I'm exhausted. I wasn't even able to relax when I broke my arm last year. I moved during those two and a half months off. And now I need to find another place to live, which doesn't seem to be working out. Other businesses offer insurance and retirement funds, have more positive employees who actually want to be there, and don't switch out bosses every few months. Beyond that and getting a credit card, I really don't know what my next move will be. I have to call the realtors again when I have time and find out what they say. 

They're also after me about the bike again. I can't always rely on the bus. That's not realistic. It doesn't go everywhere, and sometimes, you need your own transportation. 

Organized the new DVDs and CDs while Match Game PM was on. This 1979 episode started slow, but really picked up when Brett and Charles exchange quips and Gene reveals they had to do the tiebreaker three times before someone wins. Sweet Susan Richardson ends up having to help the winner with "Hot as ___" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night online with Everybody's Talking About Jamie. I go further into this joyful British musical about a teen who wants to be a drag queen at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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