Friday, March 04, 2016

As the Snow Vanishes

It did, indeed, snow overnight...but the snow was wet and fat and fluffy. It was just barely sticking to the ground when I awoke. The streets were wet, but clear.

Since the snow continued through the morning, I ran Frosty's Winter Wonderland while I ate breakfast and got ready for work. The second Rankin Bass Frosty tale has him feeling lonely when the kids aren't around. They make him a snowwoman he names Crystal to cheer him up and become his wife. Jack Frost, who brings the snow and wind, is very jealous of all the attention Frosty's getting and becomes determined to get rid of the snowman for good.

It was still snowing when I went to work, but it didn't last for very long. I was called in early last night, 10 to 2 instead of 12 to 4, and that was fine. In fact, I preferred it that way. The earlier I could get out, the better. I was in the register for most of the day this time (instead of a brief 20 minutes doing returns). I wish I'd been getting carts. It's the beginning of the month, which means we had lots of annoying, grouchy people who won't do much of anything, including help out.

My schedule didn't help. I'm absolutely livid. In good news, I have a few more hours next week than I have been getting. Trouble is, I only have one day off, and it's the day I asked off for counseling. And I'm still listed as a bagger. I'm not the only one getting weird hours, either. I complained about my strange, short hours to a fellow employee, who also complained about odd shifts and only getting one day off. (And she has far more seniority than I do!) How am I going to get anything done next week, including cleaning, writing, counseling, and putting up the spring holiday decorations?

Thankfully, it wasn't too busy by the time I did my own grocery shopping. I had a LOT that I needed this week! The Acme was having its "buck a bag" dollar vegetable sale. I picked up celery, mushrooms, and spinach, along with restocking apples, grapefruit, and bananas. The only meat on sale was the 4 for 20 deal; I'm  not spending 20 dollars on just meat. I bought ground chicken and found a pack of tortilla-crusted salmon on manager's clearance. Also restocked yogurt, tuna, cream of mushroom soup, milk (they were out of skim - I grabbed 1%), frozen peas, vanilla, jam, and dish washing liquid. The Acme is still clearing out its original generic brands. I grabbed a 3 pack of generic tape for $1.49.

No wonder it slowed down a bit later. By the time I was heading home, the snow was long gone, and the sun was out. The streets weren't even wet anymore. You'd never know we had any snow last night. It was even kind of warmish for early March, probably in the mid-40's.

After I put everything away, I went into writing. After Princess Leia is knocked out by the stormtroopers, she finds herself in a very awkward position - in the arms of the evil Lord Vader, who happens to be a half-demon and her father. She demands that he put her down and reminds him that he invaded her ball. He points out that she was having the ball to cover her spying activities, not to find a husband. At any rate, he's going to turn her over to his master, King Palapatine, to train as a black sorceress. Not to mention, he wants to find out more about the Rebels In the Woods from her. She refuses to do either, but he hands her off to his men to carry away before she can protest further.

Did a quick vacuuming session next. Goodness knows when I'll get to dusting. I'm hoping to get everything done by the end of next week. The apartment's getting kind of bad again.

I had leftovers and made Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies from a cake mix (since the peanut butter ones came out so well) while continuing Star Wars: Rebels. I absolutely love the dynamics between the characters here, especially my favorites, the strong commander and former Jedi Kanan and the Twi'lek pilot Hera, who act as surrogate dad and mom to the group. Also, this show can surprise you. An episode that seemed like a one-off (Hera and teen bomb expert/artist Sabine bond while escaping cat-like monsters) has repercussions later when Ezra and Kanan use the same monsters to escape the show's Big Bad, the evil Sith Lord the Inquisitor.

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