Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fondue Crusade

I finished out Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade during breakfast, then spent the rest of a short morning writing. There's a crowd gathered around the main square of Aldran Town. Turns out Tarkin has King Bail, who won't tell him where the Rebels In the Woods are or give his niece in marriage to evil King Palapatine. To the horror of Luke, Ben, and the servants, Tarkin has Bail executed right in front of his remaining people. Ben and Arthur also reveal what the message Leia gave them says - the dragons are going to be sent to burn the Enchanted Woods.

Leia is the only one who knows where in the Woods the Rebels are. Han won't go after her at first. He's gotten into enough trouble with this trip as it is. Luke finally reminds him that there likely will be a reward for her return. That's enough to convince the skeptical gypsy thief.

The Acme was much busier today when I arrived. I spent most of the first half of my shift in the register. The second half was spent doing variations on organizing. I worked on the Gift Card Mall, shelved items, and gathered carts. The carts in particular needed to be done badly. The side by the "back door" (the "in" doors facing Nicholson Road) was empty of the good gray carts when I made it out there. I saw 99 cent tomato pies on the bakery overstock shelves as I was doing returns and bought one for dinner.

As it turned out, the tomato pie would have to wait. I had a message on my cell phone waiting for me. Jodie was having another fondue-based birthday party, this one for her son TJ. I changed and did a few things around my apartment, then headed out.

Honestly, this one was a bit smaller and not quite as much fun as Jessa's fondue party. While they had all the same food - cheese fondue with vegetables and bread and oil fondue with chicken and beef bits, along with Desserts By Design tarts - the crowd consisted of a couple of older neighbors, Jodie's relatives, and her friend Erica and her mom Miss Helen. Not a single one of them had any idea how to eat fondue, or that you were supposed to skewer your food and cook it yourself. Khai was so disappointed that there were no kids around for him to play with, he spent the entire hour he was there in his favorite spot under the big dining room table and wouldn't come out even to eat.

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