Thursday, March 31, 2016

Princess Power

Spent most of the morning writing. I started my next fanfic, the second half of the Star Wars fairy tale. The Rebels In the Woods have been driven into the snowy Kingdom of Hoth, and are aggressively attacking Imperial nobles and stealing their wordly goods to sell for money and provisions for the poor. One particular pair of Imperial nobles are aware of what they've heard. They're on their way to a party through Hoth when a branch falls...and they hear people coming down after their valuables...

Work was, once again, very boring. We just didn't have enough help for most of it, which is why I was on the register for most of the day. I did do some returns when I came in and rounded up carts at one point. It was so slow by 6, I was able to shut down with obviously no relief (since I wasn't supposed to have been in the register in the first place). Didn't help that one of the managers was out, and no one had any real idea about what anyone was supposed to do for a lot of the afternoon.

I got through Sofia the First this morning and when I got home from work. Made leftovers and Chocolate Chip-Coconut Muffins for dinner as I watched. All but two of these episodes feature Sofia's encounter with Disney's princess ensemble. Belle teaches Sofia that actions mean more than words when she can't stop croaking before a big performance in "The Amulet and the Anthem." "Winter's Gift" has Sofia seeking the perfect Wassalia present for Cedric. Tiana proves to Sofia that a gift doesn't need to be fancy if it comes from the heart when Sofia tries to help a faun get rid of an unwanted power. It's "Princesses to the Rescue" when Amber and Sofia and their Asian friend June go after their fathers and brothers, who are trapped in a cave. Mulan shows this trio of explorers that you don't have to be big or male to be a hero.

"Minimus Is Missing" also taught the girls a lesson about being strong. Amber is afraid to learn to ride a flying horse, until they all go missing. They ride the griffiths from the Jewel Room to the Hanging Gardens, where they find out what's happened to the horses. It's Amber who figures out the best way to get them back. We return to the sea and to Sofia's mermaid friend Oola for "Cool Hand Fluke." Fluke is a merboy who is always showing off. He doesn't like the attention Sofia gets when she comes for a visit and is determined to show that he's just as important as this royal newcomer.

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