Thursday, March 03, 2016

Rebels In the Snow

Started off the morning with breakfast and the remaining episodes of Doc McStuffins. Stuffy is excited about his first day with his new pet in "Stuffy and Squibbles." He quickly discovers just how hard it can be to take care of a pet when Squibbles becomes run-down after he opts to keep playing rather than re-charge him. Chilly makes friends with the hamster Doc is taking care of in "Take Your Pet to the Vet." When the hamster gets sick, Doc takes her to a real vet, who helps them find out what's wrong.

"Queen of Thrones" has the Queen figure giving orders to the other toys when they have to rebuild hers and the King's castle. The toys accuse her of being bossy, but they find out just how hard it can be to do good work without a solid leader. Different styles of leadership also come up in "Master and Commander." An alien and a Buzz Lightyear-style space man toy both want to be the captains of Doc's new toy ship. The space man is better with working with a crew...until he falls off a chair, hurts his wings, and scrambles his memory chips a bit.

Switched to Star Wars: Rebels as I gave the kitchen a quick scrub. This Disney animated show takes us to the early years of the Rebellion and the Empire several years before the original trilogy. Ezra Bridger is a kid thief living on the streets...until he encounters a group of diverse aliens and humans who are essentially terrorists, helping people whom the Empire has displaced while occasionally doing small-scale attacks against the Imperial guards. He's surprised at how close these folks are to each other...and is downright shocked when they rescue him from an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Headed off to work almost the moment I finished cleaning up the kitchen. Work was very busy today, partially due to the beginning of the month, but mostly because of the inch of snow they're calling on for tomorrow. I did pretty much everything you can think of. I shelved items. I went in for at least one cashier who needed a break. I took customers. I put carts away. I even got to drive two of the big mobile carts disabled and elderly customers use to get around back into the store, which was really fun. Thankfully, there were no really major problems, not even with customers, and I was in and out.

It was such a nice day, I rode home down Nicholson Road, ignoring the beginnings of the rush hour traffic. Though it was chilly, probably in the lower 40's, it was also still fairly sunny at that point. The wind that made such a mess early in the week and last weekend had dissipated, making for a nice, easy ride.

Got on the computer the moment I arrived home. Luke's still fighting off stormtroopers in the ballroom. Han, Chewie, Cecil, and Arthur all appear, Arthur insisting he has a message from the Princess to Sir Kenobi. Ben rescues them from several stormtroopers who got the drop on them. Arthur able to give Ben the parchment. Luke insists that he wants to rescue the royal family from Vader's stronghold in the Parched Mountains, but Han's not so keen on the idea...

When I got off, I made myself a simple but wonderfully filling dinner of baked chicken legs, roasted Brussels sprouts, and brown rice. Continued Star Wars: Rebels while I ate. I'm really enjoying this, probably more than I have any Star Wars movie or TV programming since I was a child. (Including The Force Awakens, though I'll really have to catch that one on DVD before I can assess it properly.) I love how this disparate group - a teenage girl bomb expert with Boba Fett-style armor, Ezra, a huge, hulking gray creature with a British accent and a grouchy attitude, a green-skinned Twi'lek woman who drives their ship, a former Imperial Navy soldier - are all so close. Even Ezra becomes family after only a few episodes. I can't wait to see where this all goes. They've already rescued Wookies from the Spice Mines of Kessel and farmers on Lothal. They tried to rescue a Jedi master, but that turned out to be a trap by the evil Inquisitor. This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to watch the rest.

Oh, and it only just started snowing a few minutes ago. It's not coming down hard, really more of a shower than anything. The snow looks light and fluffy. It'll probably be the dry type of snow that'll be blown to Canada with the first good wind.

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