Monday, March 28, 2016

Wild Is the Wind

I slept in this morning and barely got up with enough time to get the Easter decorations down and run a couple of classic 1940's Superman shorts. "The Mad Scientist," "The Bulleteers," and "The Billion Dollar Limited" are pretty typical go-arounds between Superman and an evil scientist or gangsters. "The Mechanical Monsters" gets a little more creative, with robots as the "monsters" stealing jewels from displays and money from banks. The most interesting is probably "The Arctic Giant," with its defrosted dinosaur rampaging in downtown Metropolis.

What I love about all of these is just how awesome Lois Lane is. She will literally stop at nothing to get her story, from facing down a dinosaur to climbing into the back of a jewel-stealing robot. Superman may get her out, but she's not always appreciative, more likely to meet him with a quip than a sigh. She wouldn't be this cool again until the 90's.

Work was once again fairly boring, especially early in the afternoon. It's the day after a major holiday and right before the beginning of the month. I think a lot of people may have gone on vacation, too. It did pick up around rush hour, but it slowed down enough by 6 that I was able to leave with no relief. I was glad to see they had plenty of bags of egg-shaped York mini Easter patties left, for once. I grabbed a bag and a quart of skim milk on my way out.

I had a hard time getting home on my bike. By 6 PM, the sun had come out, but the wind was howling something fierce. I could barely move on the bike at times, especially on the treeless White Horse Pike.

When I got home, I had leftovers for dinner while watching an episode of Wonder Woman. "The Girl From Illandia" is a mysterious blond child who is rescued from the water by a lonely millionaire. This kid is no Little Orphan Annie, though. She wears a necklace and bracelet that gives her powers similar to Wonder Woman's. She insists she's from another dimension and an evil genius kidnapped her. She hopes Wonder Woman can get her home, but Diana wonders if that's possible...and the millionaire is getting attached to the girl.

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