Thursday, March 10, 2016

Picnic In the Late Evening

Began my morning with breakfast and finishing Night at the Opera. One of the shorts included with my DVD copy of Opera is the Oscar-winning Robert Benchley lecture spoof How to Sleep. It's exactly what it says on the DVD cover. Benchley narrates and demonstrates ways of sleeping and getting to that state, from sleeping positions to what happens when you try to sleep with a hangover. I don't know if it's Oscar material, but it's still mostly pretty cute - especially the sleeping positions.

It remains ridiculously warm for March here, at least in the mid-70's. I headed out in a t-shirt, khaki capris, and sandals and was perfectly fine. The first hyacinths are starting to show up in gardens. I saw people blowing leaves, mowing lawns, and clearing flower beds. There's not too much in the way of decorations out right now - some folks even still have their winter things out - but we'll probably see more for spring when we get to St. Patrick's Day next week.

I mostly wanted to hit the Oaklyn Library to return Jason of Star Command and do a little bit of volunteering. (And yes, I did tell the librarian on duty about the missing disc in the Jason set.) Needless to say on such a warm day, it was just me, the librarian, and one other person on the computer. The TV wasn't even on. I worked on the DVDs and took a quick look at the kids' books before heading out.

Stopped at WaWa on my way back. I was almost out of milk anyway. Thought I'd pick up a nice, cool treat for the walk home. Dodged the long lines for people on their lunch break and got a Mint Cream Smoothie and a really doughy pretzel. Oooh, yum yum. Sooo minty! Nothing but green food coloring and mint, and it was delicious. Really hit the spot.

Worked on writing for a little while when I got home. Han, who doesn't believe in magic, thinks the creatures in the sky are very large birds at first. Ben and Luke know better. They're Sith Dragons, nasty creatures that obey the dark magic...and they're headed for Aldran Town.

Did some spring and Easter-oriented Max & Ruby as I ate the last of the chicken salad for lunch and got ready for work. "Ruby's Easter Bonnet" will be the fanciest at the Bunny Scouts Easter Bonnet competition...or so Ruby hopes. Max just wants his froggy friend to hop on cue. Max wants to borrow Ruby and Louie's Easter eggs for "Max's Easter Parade," but the girls want to show them to Grandma. Ruby and the Bunny Scouts are all ready to find eggs on Easter morning, but "Max the Easter Bunny" keeps hiding the ones they find.

Work was a little bit busier than the last few days, but still not really crazy. I was in the register for the first half of work and did returns for the majority of the second half. There were a few obnoxious or annoying people. We had a lot of call-outs too, probably folks who took one look at the weather and decided to play hooky. I can't do that. Some of us can't afford to play hooky. Thankfully, it had slowed down enough by 6 that I was able to sign out with no problems.

It was a bit windy by 6 PM, but otherwise still gorgeous. It was too nice of a night to eat dinner anywhere but Sonic. I wasn't the only one who decided to eat outdoors or in a car, either. Sonic was actually pretty busy for them. I enjoyed a messy cheeseburger (the patty was probably fake, but it wasn't bad), their good, greasy tater tots, and my favorite cherry limeade while watching the cars pull in and out.

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