Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Art of the Rebels

Began the morning with breakfast, cleaning, and more Star Wars: Rebels. Ezra learns about the Force in one episode that takes him and Kanan to a ruined Jedi temple. There, he encounters manifestations of his greatest fears, from the Inquisitor attacking to the others abandoning him. He finally realizes how important his friends are...and finds the crystals to make his very own combination blaster-lightsaber.

Worked on dusting the living room while the show was on. I really want to get the dusting done as soon as I can, so I can get the spring decorations up early next week. I also watered the plant, or tried to. The Pur water filtration attachment that's been on the sink since I moved in suddenly came off, putting a lot more water than I originally planned into that poor plant! I tossed the Pur system. It came with the house. Even if it really works anymore, it probably needed to be changed years ago.

The sun was trying hard to duck around some heavy clouds when I arrived at work. I did spend the first half of a very busy day rounding up carts. The second half was passed inside. I alternated between taking customers and actually doing something I'm good at - organizing. I had no idea you could step inside the pegboard-style booth used to hang the gift cards on. Extra card stock is apparently kept in there. Most of the extra cards that aren't in boxes are hung on pegs inside the gift card "mall." When the manager tried to move one of the larger boxes, it broke, sending gift cards everywhere...which meant I had to figure out how to organize the cards and pick up the mess she left. She claimed they'd been organized before, but I sure didn't see it. Half the restaurant cards were in with the cards for department stores, and I had no idea where to put the credit gift cards or the phone cards. It was starting to look a bit better when my relief arrived to take over.

Went straight home and on the computer for some writing. Ben realizes that Vader senses his and Luke's presences and will be arriving at the ballroom any second. He and Luke use their powers to make them disappear and reappear at the Falcon in the stables. Luke manages to rescue his own favorite pony Tauntaun and release the other horses before the Imperials can get them before he, Han, Chewie, Ben, and the servants ride off in the fancier carriage version of the Falcon.

Indeed, Vader does realize someone was there...and he's not happy. He's even less happy when some of his men report that his daughter danced with two mysterious young men at the ball, and was supposed to be delivering messages to an old...acquaintance...of his...

Finished out Star Wars: Rebels while eating sauteed spinach and mushrooms with slices of cheese bread and a leftover chicken leg for dinner. Season One ended with an exciting three-part episode that first had the group sending a message that they're out there to other Rebels, then rescuing Kanan, who was captured by the Inquisitor and the Empire. We also discover the identity of the mysterious "Fulcrum," who gives Hera the orders for the team, and that there's a lot more Rebels out there than anyone suspects.

I really enjoyed this show. It was just so much fun. I loved the continuity - as I mentioned, episodes in the early part of the season that seemed like a one-off (like the one where Zeb and Ezra escape the market in a stolen TIE Fighter) do come up later in the season. (What Sabine did to that stolen TIE Fighter - and the reaction of everyone on Govenor Tarkin's ship and the crew of the Ghost - is absolutely hysterical.) And yes, I will unabashedly admit that I ship "Team Parents" Kanan and Hera, my favorite characters.

If you're a Star Wars fan, especially of the previous cartoons, this is a no-brainer. It's well-written, acted, and animated. I will add that you do need to know a little about the Star Wars universe going in, especially Jedi and what happened to them, to understand a lot of what's going on. For action cartoon lovers (and those who were disappointed by the darker tone in Force Awakens), this is a worthy addition to the expanding universe.

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