Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rainy Daze

I thought my clock said "9:00" when I got up this morning. Then I saw my watch, and remembered we just switched to Daylight Savings. That just left me enough time to read, write in my journal, and try something different for breakfast. I like the Feather Nutmeg Muffins so much, I thought I'd try Feather Nutmeg Pancakes - pancakes made with butter, with lots of nutmeg in the batter. Not too bad. I did burn the first one a little.

Ran The Music of Spring while I ate and got ready for work. This is a springtime version of the Columbia holiday collections that turn up so often at Christmas. While I enjoy it, I will admit a lot of the songs don't have that much to do with spring. I can understand "April In Paris" or "Younger Than Springtime," but the title songs from Camelot and Never On a Sunday and two numbers from My Fair Lady make less sense.

Work was steady all afternoon. I was in the register the whole time today. Not surprising, given the crowds. The weather must have scared a lot of people indoors. It's showered off and on all day, including when I was going to and coming home from work. Annoyingly, there was a problem when I was going home. They said I had a relief, but the kid ended up going in for the other guy who was leaving instead. Not only was I almost late signing out, but I had to deal with at least three obnoxious old men in a row. I wish they'd figure out that it's not 1965, and the time for their dumb jokes was roughly around when the Mad Men were in the boardroom.

I went straight home to cool off. I listened to Barry Manilow and Johnny Mathis while adding Monterrey Jack cheese, mushrooms, and spinach to the tomato pie I bought yesterday. I didn't add enough cheese, but otherwise, it was pretty good. The flaky crust definitely said more "square pie" than "regular pizza."

Spent the rest of the evening writing. While the guys are fleeing the remains of Aldran, Leia watches the destruction of her kingdom from the Death Tower, the tallest and most isolated tower in Bast Castle. The only way in is through a window at the very top, and the only way up is to climb Leia's very long, dark hair. Vader is the first one to do so. He questions his feisty daughter about the two young men she met at the ball. He wants to know about the one with the Force magic...and for her to forget any ideas she had of falling in love with someone besides his master. He cajoles her, uses his choking magic, but she really doesn't know much about them other than the little knight has magic and the supposed "prince" was a jerk...and she has no intention of falling for anyone, including Palapatine.

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