Monday, March 07, 2016

Quiet Day for the Laundry

Started off a sunny, beautiful day with work. Work was...really, really boring. Except for the 15 minutes I went in for someone at a register so they could take a break, I spent the day doing returns. Normally, I love doing returns, but I finished most of them after an hour. I spent the majority of the remaining three hours searching for the place where the three or four things I just couldn't figure out went. Oh well, it was still better than dealing with tons of people all afternoon. Needless to say, I was in and out with no trouble, picking up eggs on the way out.

As soon as I got in, I changed, took out the recycling, and went right back out again. I really needed to get the laundry done. I had an enormous load, including towels. Figures it would be busy when I arrived. I got one of the last remaining washers. Thankfully, by the time I needed to use the dryers, the place was starting to clear out. I spent most of the time listening to Action News and working my way through the thick stack of notebook papers with story ideas on them that I wrote down at work.

I started watching Jason of Star Command this morning before work. I continued it after I finished putting away my laundry, while eating leftovers for dinner. The second season of Jason made a few significant changes. Perky-but-bland Natalie and the original Commander have been replaced by tough, intelligent Samantha and a stoic blue-skinned alien leader. While there's still an ongoing story line, the episodes are now a half-hour, instead of two ten-minute installments. This works much better. There's more time to tell a story and set up the plot twists. The dialogue isn't any better (and Jason still isn't a very exciting hero), but the episodes are a lot more interesting and fun to follow. Right now, I just finished a series that involved the rescue of a little girl, her creepy moving doll who holds a secret, and her scientist father from the Evil Queen (no longer played by Julie Newmayr, alas).

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