Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Old Apartment

First thing I did this morning, after the usual reading and writing in the journal, was call Charlie. The stove wasn't working, the kitchen sink was still leaking, I had no bathroom sink, and there was now a hole in my roof. He should have been up here on Monday.

Most of it was easy to fix. The pilot light was out in the stove - that was turned on. (And yes, I was able to bake the banana muffins I couldn't get to on Monday.) He patched the roof and said he'd trap whatever animal (likely a raccoon) got into the walls and caused the damage in the first place. As for the kitchen sink, the problem wasn't the pipes this time. The caulking on the faucet had rotted away, and the water was running down the faucet and the pipes. He caulked or covered that well enough that it's now relatively dry down there.

The bathroom sink proved to be another matter. He did put in a new drain in the bathroom tub, but while he pulled the sink out, he never put anything in. He told me he'd do that one tomorrow.

I spent the morning writing and ignoring the noise. In this story, the Rebels In the Woods are more like Robin Hood, robbing the rich Empire to give to poorer countries that were taken over by the Imperials. They stop the five on the horses, demanding money...until Luke recognizes two of them. One is Wedge, one of his fellow stable boys. The other is Biggs, an old friend of his from Tattoon. Leia convinces the two young men to bring them to the other Rebels. She turns over the information Arthur has - Vader is sending the Sith Dragons to burn the forest and wipe them out.

Did a couple of Backyardigans episodes while eating leftovers for lunch. Put on "Dragon Express," since I'm currently writing a story that involves dragons. Austin and his dragon Windy deliver mail in Norway. They want to be as fast as Pablo and his dragon Maverick, but they're afraid to go fast. Pablo helps the duo get over their fear, while Austin shows Pablo that thinking about a problem can work just as well as blasting through. "Follow the Feather" has Tyrone, Tasha, and Pablo on the trail of the Polka Dot Pony, guided only by a feather and the Mysterious Lady (Uniqua).

Work was...really very boring for most of the afternoon. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and a bit too warm for the time of year, at least in the upper 60's - lower 70's. I was actually glad I got to return carts a few times. It was too nice to be inside all day. I also bagged, pulled items on the shelves so they're all level, and did returns. It didn't really get busy until rush hour - I had to take the register a few times.

When I got home, I ran an episode of Fairie Tale Theatre while having a snack. "Aladdin and His Magic Lamp" was one of Tim Burton's first directorial assignments, and it does show, from the strange aestetics to the Genie (James Earl Jones) threatening to kill Aladdin (Robert Carradine) several times, even though he can't do it and actually likes the guy. Leonard Nemoy is the evil wizard who is after the lamp; Valerie Bertinelli is the princess Aladdin loves.

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