Friday, March 11, 2016

We're Not Gonna Take It

Spent most of the morning writing. The Sith Dragons start chasing the carriage. Luke beats them off with his Force magic, turning them into flowers. Ben's magic turns them into stardust. Even when the group arrives at Aldran Town, they're far from safe. The dragons have already gotten there and are setting everything they can ablaze. Tarkin is there as well, about to make a speech...and show off the might of the Kingdom of the Empire by officially annexing the Kingdom of Aldran and killing its royal family.

Oh, and tonight, I finally made a list of all the ideas I have for stories - for Star Wars, for Remember WENN, for original kids' stories. They're at my writing blog, for those of you who need a little long reading tonight.

Upcoming Stories and Story Ideas

Started Here Comes Peter Cottontail during breakfast. Finished it as I ate lunch and got ready for work. Peter Cottontail (Casey Kasem) is a brash, boastful young rabbit who is in contention to become the new Easter Bunny. Alas, so is Irontail (Vincent Price), a nasty old rabbit. When Irontail wins, he takes over the Valley and tries to eliminate Easter. With help from Seymour S. Sassafras and the pilot caterpillar Anton (both Danny Kaye), he travels back in time through the calendar to finally deliver the Easter eggs as he should of on Easter day.

Work was really kind of boring again. It did pick up a little shortly before rush hour - I had to take a register around 2:30. Otherwise, I continued doing returns and organizing the inside of the Gift Card Mall.

I'm fairly annoyed with my schedule. On one hand, I do have twice as many hours as I've had in months. On the other hand, I once again only have one day off. And why do I have so many hours? Because at least six or more people went on vacation this week in the front end alone. I HATE it when they let everyone go on vacation at once! I have said for years that the managers really, really need to start making stricter rules about when people can and can't take vacation weeks, so everyone doesn't go at the same time and leave ten people doing all the work.

Still had a ton of groceries to buy, too. The Acme's in the midst of one of their huge, buy six-items, get-three-dollars-off deals. I picked up tuna, Cheerios, two boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix, and two containers of canola oil as part of that deal. Restocked peanut butter, frozen green beans and almonds, canned chicken, frozen juice, chocolate chips, brown sugar, mandarin oranges, grapefruit, apples, and bananas. Grabbed two individually-packaged crab cakes with manager's coupons on them. Since the Oetker mousse mixes were on sale, I tossed in things to make a Chocolate-Strawberry Mousse Pie.

Miss Willa, my landlady (and the mother of Charlie, the guy working on the downstairs apartment and yard), had mentioned to me that Charlie was going to need to do some plumbing work in the bathroom and kitchen again and she would have to shut them down. I figured that was fine. At least, until I found a note from her in my door. I assumed she meant they would be shut down for three hours. Turns out, they're shutting them down for 3 to 5 days, starting early Monday morning. I would either have to use the downstairs bathroom and kitchen and borrow a microwave or stay at Dad's.

I was - and am - mad as hell. Is there a reason they couldn't have given me a lot more than a weekend's notice? Willa is going to have to open the fire escape door and let me use the bathroom downstairs, and I'll eat canned food and eat out a lot. I can't stay at Dad's. Not with just a few days' notice. I'd have to give them at least a week's notice or more. It isn't fair to them to just walk in on them at the last minute and disrupt their lives. And why is this going to take a couple of days? Why didn't they do this back in February, when he was originally working on the plumbing? Given Charlie's not known for being on time, it'll probably be more like three to five months before he's done. And why couldn't he have told me himself, instead of sending his mother to do it? I'm still annoyed about the stupid fence that's blocking the path to my apartment, too. And hey, weren't they supposed to be finished with the downstairs about a year ago? I was told they would be coming up here "in the spring." That was in November of 2014, and I keep hearing "in the spring, in the summer, in a few months." Yeah, well, could they be a little more definite? Some of us actually have lives here.

I put everything away, then put on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to calm myself down while having leftovers for dinner. Everyone's favorite whip-cracking archaeologist (Harrison Ford) is now searching for the Holy Grail and his father Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery), a noted Grail scholar who went missing after the Nazis started looking for the Grail, too. Father and son have to avoid the Nazis, follow the trail to the missing holy artifact, and avoid the designs of a scheming Austrian femme fatale (Alison Doody), all while trying to mend their long-fractured relationship.

This has long been my favorite Indiana Jones movie. Ironically, while I tend to prefer my Star Wars films deeper and darker, I like the Indy movies better when they're light-hearted and fun. The relationship between Jones senior and junior is hilarious - Connery and Ford are just a delight to watch. (And while there is some blood and scary stuff, it's not to the degree of Temple of Doom.)

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