Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Doc and the Space Opera

Began a sunny, very windy day with more Jason of Star Command. The most interesting thing about the second half of the first season episodes is the introduction of an evil queen, played by Julie Newmayr, who is working with Dragos. We also get to see the nifty monster from the first half of the season again. I also thought the second-to-last episode, with Jason and Natalie having to figure out which is the real Dragos from a group of them, was at least somewhat creative.

Cleaned the bathroom while I watched. It needed to be done. I probably should have done it last week. It doesn't take me that long - the bathroom isn't that big - but I do have to drag out all the cleaning supplies and actually sit down and do it.

When I finished, I had a quick lunch and got ready for work while beginning Doc McStuffins. Doc has added "veterinary medicine" to her list of achievements in caring for stuffed animals. She's opened a secondary clinic that caters to toy animals who can't talk like other playthings. Among her first clients are an electronic dog whose nose has lost its power to find its bone and three plastic goats whose yarn coats have gotten tangled.

Headed to work with plenty of time to get there, for once. I could have been infinitely late. It wasn't a busy day, especially early on. I spent most of the afternoon doing what few returns could be found. I also cleaned up a jar of baby food someone dropped, put baskets away, and wiped down a basket someone dropped macaroni salad in. They didn't even need me to do carts. There were so few, one of the college boys was fine handling it on his own. By the time it started getting busier, I was just about done.

As soon as I got home, I returned to writing. Luke and Leia are separated when Luke saves Leia from being hauled off by a stormtrooper. She finds Arthur and Cecil (Artoo and Threepio), who have been trying to avoid the carnage in the ballroom, and, worried about being followed, gives Arthur her message for Ben Kenobi. Cecil wants to go back to the kitchen and fret over the dishes and linens the Imperial Army destroyed, but Arthur insists (with his hands - he's a mute who speaks in sign language) that he's now on a mission. Cecil thinks he's crazy, but he follows his friend back to the ballroom anyway.

Did more Doc while eating leftovers for dinner. A strange, adorable little dog-like toy on a rolling ball becomes attached to Stuffy the Dragon in "A Dragon's Best Friend." Stuffy's annoyed by him at first, until he, Doc, and the others realize that the toy is lost. They first try to find its owner, then, to Stuffy's delight, adopt it when no kid comes forward to claim it.

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