Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Wish It Would Snow Down

I awoke to sunny skies and no snow whatsoever. The ground wasn't even wet. I also woke up late after staying up with Lauren last night. I made lumpy Banana-Chocolate Chip Pancakes while listening to The Pirate Movie soundtrack.

It was getting a little cloudier as I rode to work, but otherwise remained dry. Work was surprisingly off-and-on steady for a Sunday. Usually, we're insane all day on Sunday, especially when we're supposed to have bad weather later. As a couple of customers pointed out, everyone must have come in yesterday, when they were still announcing flat-out snow with no rain mixed in. Thankfully, but the time the crowds were picking up, my relief was arriving.

A customer mentioned it was snowing and raining outside. Maybe it was further north. All it was doing when I got out was raining lightly. I didn't see a bit of snow. I rode home and only got a little wet.

When I got in, I called Mom. Along with being the first day of spring, today is her birthday. I got the wrong dad when Rose called and said Dad was in the hospital. Turns out it's my stepfather Bill who was found with a tumor. He's been in the hospital the last few days, and Mom's been with him. She says they were able to remove it, but he's going to need bed rest and chemotherapy. She had gotten home from the hospital in time to spend her birthday with Anny and her brood.

Spent the rest of the evening listening to David Bowie (honored the late rock star with Diamond Dogs) and Phil Collings (...But Seriously) and doing decorations. I meant to get the St. Patrick's Day things down and put up my Easter stuff last week, but I literally couldn't get around the mess in the kitchen and living area. I've always liked Easter. Decorating eggs was a big deal in my very artistic family, even after the Easter Bunny was no longer leaving us baskets filled with candy. I don't decorate eggs, but I do like filling baskets with plastic eggs and putting out my stuffed Peeps and chick and pink rabbit, and the rabbit statues I got from Mom. Mom also gave me the garland festooned with mini-bunnies and carrots and the hand-quilted Easter egg table runner. I found Patchy Bunny, the big resin bunny figure, at a thrift shop years ago.

And at press time, it STILL hasn't snowed. It was raining a while ago, but I don't think it's even doing that now.

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