Friday, August 28, 2015

All Kinds of Fantasy

Started another beautiful, sunny morning with the soundtrack to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This 1971 musical version of the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was apparently a relative failure on first release - the early 70's weren't a good time for unusual kids' movies or musicals in general. It ultimately became one of the earliest hits on cable and home video, turning its three big songs, "Pure Imagination," "The Candy Man," and "I've Got a Golden Ticket" into standards. "Golden Ticket" is probably my favorite number - Grandpa Joe and Charlie are just having so much fun in that song, it's infectious.

Work finally picked up a bit after being dead for most of the week. It still wasn't quite as busy as usual, and I still had a lot of downtime to work on story ideas, but it was better than it has been. My relief was a bit late, but he wasn't my original relief - he was replacing a kid who called out.

I had a few problems grocery shopping. Even with what little I needed, I still didn't have enough money in the bank to cover it. My paycheck hadn't gone through. I just bought sugar (I was out), milk, deodorant (Arm & Hammer was on a dollar sale), and one can of chicken.

Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. In good news, nothing really early or late, Monday and Tuesday off again. In frustrating news, fewer hours, rather surprising in the week leading up to Labor Day and the beginning of the month. Hopefully, it should pick up once we get to and past Labor Day and people start coming back from vacations.

As soon as I got home, I got to writing. An angry Ruth has spirited Scott away to her own grotto. Hilary gives Betty her voice back so she can tell Maple at least some of what's going on...but she can't restore her tail. Betty needs a full soul for that. Betty gets Maple to take a skiff out into the Atlantic, while C.J reveals to his siblings and father that he has a plan to distract Ruth while Betty frees Scott...

Did an episode of Wonder Woman during a leftovers dinner. "Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Gunther" is the second episode of the World War II-based first season. The Baroness, a former Nazi spy, seems to be a model prisoner...but she's really part of an espionage ring that seeks to frame Steve Trevor for a series of sabotage incidents. Things get really hairy when the Nazis get their hands on Wonder Woman's golden truth-telling lasso!

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