Monday, August 24, 2015

Busy Library Day

I had a lot to do today, since I'm hoping to have the day clear for a trip to Atlantic City tomorrow. One of the big things was hitting the libraries. I did the Oaklyn Library first, around noon. They weren't really busy, just one young woman asking to use a computer to help her apply for a job. I organized DVDs, shelved children's books, and organized the board books and picture books.

Lunch was next on the list. Since Capitol Pizza is only a couple of blocks from the Oaklyn Library, I ended up eating there. I had my usual slice of cheese and slice of mushroom with a can of Diet Coke. Enjoyed  a quiet meal while listening to the tail end of Action News and the beginning of The Chew. They were dead as a doornail. I saw one other person come in to pick up a pizza, but no one stopped and ate.

The Haddon Township Library, on the other hand, was bustling. There were once again piles of DVDs to shelve, and once again, there wasn't room for all of them. This time, it was the C and D kids' shelves (all those Dora the Explorer titles) and the A and M adult shelves that were overloaded. Put away a huge stack of audio books and a few CDs, too. Helped a sweet little girl find new Scooby Doo DVDs to watch, including the 13-episode set I just brought back. I didn't take out anything myself this week. I have other things I want to do this week besides watch movies, and there's still a few things I've bought over the past few months I haven't watched yet.

Stopped at the Westmont Acme on the way home. I was almost out of cooking spray. I really loved that Talenti Gelato and wanted more, too. They had flavors the Audubon Acme didn't carry. I went with the less-fattening Roman Raspberry Sorbetto. Picked up an Organic Cascade Sparkling Mixed Berry Water to drink on the way home. It tasted more like cherry seltzer than the usual Italian soda. They were a little busy, but the lines weren't that long.

When I got home, I worked on my story. I worked on it this morning as well and wrote down notes during lunch. Scott is taking Betty to the big end-of-the-summer clambake on the beach outside his home. Betty's happy to be going with him, but she's worried about their relationship. She's heard rumors about him and Maple possibly being engaged. It doesn't help that she overhears Eugenia gossiping with local women about Scott's marriage choices at the clambake.

Scott, meanwhile, has been lured to a sheltered cove by a familiar voice. Hilary and Ruth are there, Hilary singing with Betty's voice. Ruth forces Hilary to use her voice to put Scott under a trance. She wants him to marry her...then, she'll have him killed and take his soul.

Did a quick bathroom cleaning session around quarter after 5-5:30. The bathroom was absolutely disgusting, especially the bathtub. I couldn't really put it off for long. I'll see if I can get the kitchen in later this week.

Ran Mannequin this morning and while I cleaned later in an attempt to drown out the 80's rock radio station Charlie was blasting downstairs while he worked. There's nothing the 80's loved more than a good - or at least unusual - fairy tale romance, and this is one of the strangest. An Egyptian lass (Kim Catrall) who has traveled thousands of years to find her soul mate finally ends up in the body of a dummy in the window of a large old Philadelphia department store. She was originally put together by aspiring sculptor Johnathan (Andrew McCarthy), who fell in love with her. She comes to life and helps him make fabulous window displays that are the talk of Philly. Now he has to prove to everyone, including his flamboyant assistant Hollywood (Meshach Taylor), that he's not insane, just in love.

Like Xanadu from earlier in the decade, this is one of those movies you either really love, or really don't get. Critics tear it to shreds to this day. If you can accept it as a fun little fantasy with a nice cast and some great Philly in the 80's locations, you'll find it just as cute as I always have.

Garfield has his own close encounters with fantasy and strangeness in an episode of the 80's cartoon Garfield and Friends. He finds himself in "The Lasagna Zone" when he accidentally spills his favorite treat on Jon's new satellite dish and ends up in the TV shows. Orson just wants to be a "Sleepytime Pig" in the U.S Acres short, but the Sandman has missed the barnyard, The others try to help him get some rest. Jon wants to be brave like a samurai warrior in "Yojumbo." He takes karate lessons to impress Liz after a big guy threatens them. Garfield knows better - he finds himself helping out when the lessons prove to have not been very successful.

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