Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Beautiful Summer Day

The big plan for today was this week's Collingswood Farm Market run. It was the perfect weather for it too. The heat and humidity that had smothered the area this week dissipated overnight, leaving bright blue skies, fresh breezes, and perfect temperatures in the lower 80's. The farm market was understandably crowded, given the nice weather. Not only were the golden apples back, but they'd been joined by some very pretty Galas. I got the Gala apples, yellow peaches, blackberries, a red and a green pepper, mushrooms, and a bright red Heirloom tomato.

I took advantage of the cooler weather to finally do some baking. Used the last three white peaches and one of the apples to make Fresh Peach-Apple Muffins for lunch at work. I made more Blackberry Flummery as well, since my last batch came out so well. The muffins were a little crumbly, but they tasted pretty good. The Flummery was just as delicious this time around. As long as you don't add too much sugar or cornstarch, it's hard to get this recipe wrong.

Finished out The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies while baking and cooking. Even after the dragon Smaug is dispatched, Bilbo (Martin Freeman) finds himself dropped in a flat-our war between men, elves, orcs, giants, and dwarfs. Thorin, the head dwarf, is consumed with greed and refuses to give the men part of the treasure to rebuilt their town or jewels that belong to the elves. While Bilbo tries to keep the groups from killing each other, Gandalf (Ian McKellen) discovers where the orcs and goblins are coming from, and what sent them. Bilbo finally shows his friends that when you work together, you can bring down any army, no matter what your size or where you came from.

I have to admit, I kind of liked The Hobbit series a little better than the Lord of the Rings series, for one big reason - I liked Martin Freeman's good-natured Bilbo Baggins much better than Elijah Wood's Frodo as a main character. Freeman's having more fun and is a bit more helpful than just wandering around and getting caught by villains. Then again, I've always enjoyed the book The Hobbit more than the main series - the dwarfs are funny, Bilbo's a lot stronger than he thinks, and the battles aren't nearly as protracted. If you loved the original Lord of the Rings series or are a fan of high fantasy, this whole series is certainly worth your time.

Ran a little Backyardigans while I got ready for work. Wizards Tyrone and Pablo have "A Giant Problem" when a huge Tasha stomps into the kingdom. She's disrupting Queen Uniqua's royal nap. The very cranky queen wants her gone! Tyrone and Pablo aren't very good wizards. They do everything they can to get rid of the giant, but nothing works....until they decide to play along.

Work was a little busier than it has been, on and off steady. It could have been worse. I took notes for the fantasy story I'm concocting during the down times. There were no really major problems. In fact, a co-worker praised my blog, saying I was a smooth and intelligent writer. Though my relief ended up going elsewhere, I was still able to get out on time fairly easily.

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