Sunday, August 02, 2015

For Me and My Laundry

Began another hot, sunny, dry day with Sugar Plum Pancakes and the soundtrack to That's Entertainment, Part II. This is the only That's Entertainment movie I don't have. I'm not in any hurry to grab it. It's my least-favorite of the three MGM musical documentaries. There's too much concentration on non-musical segments and too little on the actual musical footage. The soundtrack LP has problems, too. While a few numbers are heard in full, many are only snippets. (The soundtrack for the first movie mostly has full numbers.)

That said, there are some things I like. Bing Crosby's driving "Temptation," from MGM's 1933 Busby Berkeley imitation Going Hollywood, is a good number from a little-known movie. I've always loved Judy Garland and Gene Kelly's version of the title song from For Me and My Gal. Astaire joins Garland for the hilarious "A Couple of Swells" from Easter Parade. My favorite number from Gigi is Hermoine Gingold and Maurice Chevalier reminiscing on how "I Remember It Well."

I got up a bit late and was almost late to work! This time, it did matter. We were on-and-off busy all day. It's the beginning of the month, and that big buy six items, get three dollars off sale will be going on all week. Thankfully, there were no really major problems, and my relief was actually a little bit early. I was in and out with no trouble.

When I got home, I changed, grabbed my laundry, and headed right back out to the laundromat. Doing the laundry worked so well last Sunday, I decided to try it again. It was a little busier there tonight, otherwise pretty much the same, right down to the golf on TV. I read the Vesper Holly story The El Dorado Adventure and watched an adorable little boy toddler run around.

When I got home, I put everything away, then worked a little bit on my current story. Scott's not crazy about Hilary's idea to disguise him. It does get him into town, despite his protests. Now he has to find Betty and see what she knows...and avoid Pruitt and his scheming.

I listened to a couple of CDs of music from the 70's while I ate leftover chicken legs, Chinese beans, and fruit salad for dinner. I love my Have a Nice Day discs. While some of the music on them isn't that forgotten, there's occasionally some genuine rarities, like "Wham Bang," "Billy, Don't Be a Hero," or "Beach Baby."

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Linda said...

My favorite part of THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT PART II are the titles, with the cast names done in unique (and sometimes appropriate) ways (i.e. Esther Williams' name written in the sand and then washed away by a wave).