Friday, August 21, 2015

The Mermaid and the Hobbit

Did more Remember WENN this morning. Maple LaMarsh just wants a little respect in "A Girl Like Maple." The men tend to treat her like one of them; the women edge around her experience with the opposite sex and noisy Brooklyn accent. Maple thinks she's finally found the right guy in a handsome congressman (Boyd Gaines). Trouble is, she was using a cultured voice for a political interview show when she met him. He doesn't know her real voice...or the real her....and she's afraid of what he'll say if she tells him.

Work is still quiet. Once again, it was a little busy during the noon rush hour. Otherwise, nothing. I spent most of the day doing returns. It should pick up next weekend, when we get closer to the beginning of the month and Labor Day. Oh, and I got another 5 dollar off card from work as well, this one direct from one of our new managers. I used it on my groceries this time.

My schedule is much better than last week's. Though I have slightly fewer hours, I also have two days off this time, Monday and Tuesday. Otherwise, all late morning/early afternoon hours,  nothing out of the ordinary.

I didn't need much in the way of groceries, either. It's too hot to bake, I buy most of my produce at the farm market, and I tend to eat a lot of quick meals in the summer. Got the buy-one-get-one breaded and seasoned chicken fillet deal again and a small container of shrimp for dinner. Most of it was restocking - mandarin oranges, ibuprofen (Acme's $1.99 bottle was buy-one-get-one), canned chicken, cereal (went with the Acme generic Multi-Grain Cheerios), milk. The Acme is having a sale on Bryers brand ice cream. Their regular brand won't fit in my freezer...but I've been wanting to try their fancy Talenti Gelato. It's usually $5.99, far too expensive for a small container of ice cream. $2.50 is far more reasonable. Took advantage of the back-to-school sales to pick up a mini-notebook to keep in my locker at work for writing notes.

After I got in, changed, and put everything away, I worked on fanfiction. Betty's having the time of her life on land. Though she misses her family, she's enjoying seeing everything the world has to offer, from boat rides to croquet games. She especially loves the time after dinner she, Scott, and Maple spend playing the piano and dancing.

Meanwhile, Hilary has been using Betty's voice to give concerts under the ocean. Ruth catches one and realizes what she's done. She threatens to turn Jeff into a human if she doesn't agree to help her lure Scott and his immortal soul into her arms.

Started The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies while having shrimp, sliced heirloom tomatoes, sauteed vine greens and onions, and the last of the peach-blackberry cobbler for dessert. I got half-way through it before I needed to hit the shower. I'll give the full report tomorrow.

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