Monday, August 03, 2015

In the Swim of Things

I worked relatively early this morning. This time, we were on-and-off busy, more than we have been, but not as bad as yesterday or we often are in the beginning of the month. I imagine it'll stay pretty busy this week, due to the big sales we're having. Thankfully, it slowed down in time for me to leave without a relief.

Hurried out as soon as I was done. When I got home, I changed into my bathing suit, had a snack, grabbed my towel, and finally got several cards together. I feel so embarrassed - I never did give Dad his Father's Day card. His birthday was last week, too. I also have a get-well-soon card I picked up for him a while back. Also sent out my nephew Skylar's birthday card. He turned 11 on Saturday. I stuck 10 dollars in his card. He can save it for a video game or a new LEGO set. (He loves LEGOs. His birthday party was LEGO-themed.)

Jodie met me in the living room when I went inside to tell them I was there. I came at a good time. Dad had just gotten back from more throat surgery. His throat and especially his tongue were in pain - he was sleeping it off.

Spent the next 40 minutes or so in the pool. Ahhhh. That felt wonderful. The pool was still very warm, almost 90 degrees. This time, I had it entirely to myself. I was a bit surprised. Jodie said Rose and Khai had been around earlier in the day. but by 5 PM, the area was empty. I swam back and forth, tried to stand on my hands in the shallow area, and fished leaves and bugs out. (I even saw a bee in the pool - yikes! I swam away fast.) It felt absolutely wonderful. I can write or clean my apartment any time of the year.

Dad was awake when I got out. I gave him a kiss on his forehead and asked him how he was. He said he was in pain, then asked (or wrote) me how my day had gone. We watched a little of Pawn Stars together.

Since I was already wet, I went right into the shower. When I got out, I ate leftover Turkey Pasta Veggie Salad while watching an episode of Rick Steves' Europe. Given the time of year and the hot weather, I thought it was a great day for watching the episode on the French Riviera. Some parts of the area in southern France long known as the playground for Europe's elite remind me so much of Cape May - sparkling beaches, yachts in the water, beautiful hotels of the 1890's holding tons of history, artists taking advantage of the area's legendary sun, light, and color - that I almost feel homesick watching it. I remember seeing artists sitting on the rocks on the edge of town painting the view when I'd go for walks down the shoreline from West Cape May to the Cape May Point Lighthouse in the summer as a young teenager.

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