Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scooby Doo and the Sea Monsters

Began a super-hot day with breakfast and the Scooby Doo 13-episode set. Like most of the others, this one starts off with a brand-new half-hour special. Scooby Doo and the Beach Beastie takes the kids to a resort in Florida that's being plagued by a strange "sea beast" that's made entirely of water. While the rest of the crew tries to figure out what the creature's after, Fred attempts to get over his obsession with nets.

Work was still dead, the same as it has been all summer. It was especially quiet when I first came in this morning. Probably just as well, given they had people running around doing inventory until noon. It did pick up a little later, but not enough to be more than barely busy. I was able to shut down easily without a relief.

When I got home, I went straight into writing. Maple and Eugenia scrub Betty until she's clean and fix her hair. She joins them for dinner...revealing her lack of knowledge of human manners and mores. Maple offers to take her into town to shop for clothes; Scott says he'll join them for lunch and a trip to the picture show.

I jumped in the bath around 5. That felt so relaxing. I listened to Count Basie and read Christmas With Southern Living books for an hour. A nice, cool bath was great after a hot, humid couple of days.

Had leftovers while doing some more Scooby Doo. "A Clue For Scooby Doo" was one of the earliest episodes of the original series. Scooby and the kids encounter the ghost of a dead captain in a glowing diver's outfit during a party on the beach. It's Scooby who figures out how the ghost is able to glow.

"Scooby's Night of With a Frozen Fright," from the second season of the original show, also begins with a beach party. While fishing, Shaggy catches a whopper - a caveman frozen in ice who was lost by a cargo ship. Though the kids do bring him to the Ocean Land research facility, the million-year-old creature defrosts and kidnaps the scientists anyway. The kids have to figure out what a caveman wants with two scientists...and the mysterious machine that allows one to talk to aquatic animals.

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