Friday, August 07, 2015

Furry Friends and Backyard Capers

I slept in a bit today. When I finally got out bed, I put on some Backyardigans while I ate breakfast, looked over my paycheck  on PNC Bank's website, and read some fanfiction and old blog entries. "The Tale of the Mighty Knights" is a rock opera that reveals how Knights Tyrone and Uniqua try to catch a very "runny" egg, with the help of Grabbin' Goblin Austin and Flighty Fairy Tasha.

When I got off, I made my grocery list, then headed to the Acme. Once again, I didn't really need a whole lot. I mostly took advantage of meat sales - got buy one-get-one-free seasoned chicken fillets and breaded chicken fillets and another sale on those tasty turkey tenderloins. Restocked skim milk and brown sugar. Thought I'd try making ambrosia (or at least another fruit salad) later this weekend and picked up coconut to go in it.

I got there just in time to see one of the baggers putting up the schedule. Other than slightly fewer hours (and slightly later hours on Sunday), I'm more or less working at the same times I did this week, with the same days off, Tuesday and Friday.

After I made it home, I finished another Backyardigans episode while I put everything away. Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin go on a soul music-fuled "Garbage Trek" to boldly go where no trash-collectors have gone before. Aliens Tyrone and Pablo keep tricking them in order to steal their garbage. When the boys are stuck in a black hole, Tasha and her crew have to figure out how to rescue them, without ending up stuck themselves.

Had a very quick lunch at Phillies Phatties. Though it was past 1:30, the place was filled with kids looking for a snack or a late lunch. The sidewalk was a sea of bikes! I ordered my usual slice of cheese pizza, slice of mushroom pizza, and can of soda. I ate on the picnic benches on the sidewalk to avoid the noisy rugrats. Tried Mountain Dew's "Baja Blast" soda. It's a very sweet lime, kind of like original Mountain Dew. Not bad, though I think I liked the other one, "Sangrita Blast," better.

Made a quick stop at Dollar Tree for sponges and a get-well-soon card for my stepfather Bill after lunch. They were surprisingly quiet for the afternoon. I got my things and got out in 20 minutes.

The Haddon Township Library wasn't busy, either. I mainly shelved DVD's. Once again, I was able to get everything from the kids' rack on with room to spare, but the adult shelves were overloaded. Maybe a lot of adults are on vacation? This time, I mostly took out animation. The library just got the newest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set in, Minnie's Pet Salon, along with the latest titles from Disney (the Marvel superhero tale Big Hero 6) and Veggitales (a disco spoof, "Celery Night Fever"). Warners just put out the first season of the 70's Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo show. I've been dying to see the fairy tale musical Into the Woods for months now.

It was such a beautiful, sunny day, warm and breezy but not humid, I decided a treat was in order. I stopped at Phillies Yummies on the way home and bought a very icy lime vanilla Yum Yum (a kind of grittier water ice). I sat at the benches, sucked at my cool citrus ice, and watched little girls and their mothers decide what ice cream they wanted.

When I got home, I worked on Scott White and the Seven Actors. Finally finished it out tonight. Scott and the others dress as ghosts to trick Pruitt into confessing. It does, to a degree. He finally admits that yes, he wanted to destroy the town for the minerals under it, and yes, he killed several people to get it. He takes Betty and the imprisoned Maple as hostages and rushes off in a carriage. Scott follows to rescue them. He confronts Pruitt in the desert. He does get him down, but is surrounded by his men...when Doug shows up with the Indians and the others handle the remaining goons.

Scott only wishes he and Betty could fade into the sunset that easily. The prologue is set after "And How." Scott tells Betty he really is ready to bury the hatchet, so to speak. Betty says she was hurt deeply by his lying about Victor and the "Memorial" and is no longer sure she can trust him. Scott swears he'll find a way to make it up to her, by hook or crook or tomahawk...

This will be going up tomorrow night on my blog, my WENN fanfiction website, and I had a hard time figuring out the ending, which is why it took me so long, but I think what I did worked.

The next story on the docket is another fairy tale. Set during the second season episode "Behind Every Great Woman," Betty is upset that she's stuck being Hilary's voice and can't seem to get Scott's attention. She doesn't like how Ruth Getty is acting to her or the others, either. Her frustrations turn into the tale of a beautiful mermaid who gives up her sweet voice for the love of a handsome sailor...who is then lured into the clutches of an evil witch with designs on his immortal soul.

Ran the first two episodes on Minnie's Pet Salon as I made a delicious, savory summer meal of seasoned chicken cutlets in lime sauce with summer vegetables and sweet local corn on the cob. The title episode has Minnie helping the others prepare their beloved animal companions for a big pet show. Minnie helps them wash, groom, and train their friends...and they in turn aid her when the kittens she was cat-sitting go missing.

Daisy Duck reveals she's the only character without a pet in "Daisy's Pet Project." The others try to help her choose between a sweet baby elephant, a very tall baby giraffe, and a mischievous and hungry rabbit.

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