Friday, June 09, 2017

At Last the Sun Is Out

I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was when I rolled out of bed this morning. I had breakfast and celebrated the (finally) spring-like weather with a couple of Muppet Show episodes. Elton John was by far one of the most popular performers to appear on the show during its run. Piggy may have been thrilled to duet with him on "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart," but the best numbers are the creative opening "Crocodile Rock" and John and the Electric Mayhem's version of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." Lou Rawls may be one of the smoothest singers in the business, but even "Groovy People" can't make Fozzie's roller skating act a success. Piggy, Scooter, and Kermit have more luck with a medley of "Ukelele Lady" and "Under the Bamboo Tree."

After paying off my internet bill and making sure I had money in my account, I was finally able to hit the Acme and do this week's grocery shopping. Checked the Acme app on my cell phone and discovered several useful coupons, including employee-only free Acme generic ice cream and shredded cheese. I went with butter pecan and pizza, respectively. Found two fish fillets with manager's coupons and some relatively cheap ground turkey. Restocked cream of chicken soup, brown sugar, chocolate chips, yogurt (both the Chobani Flips for lunch and the plain Chobani for cooking and baking), block cheese, deodorant, organic fruit spread (I've never seen pomegranate spread before), corn meal, and oatmeal.

When I got home, I put everything away while finishing another Muppet Show episode I'd started earlier. British jazz chanteuse and stage star Dame Cleo Lanie gets to do an awesome "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" with the Electric Mayhem and attempt the counterpoint duet "You're Just In Love" with the Swedish Chef. Meanwhile, Fozzie tries to insert himself into every act because his mother is in the audience.

Headed back out around 1. Capitol Pizza was busy with teenagers and young adults off school early who wanted lunch. I left them inside watching tennis and took my slice of mushroom and bottle of Cherry Coke out to one of the metal tables on the sidewalk. It was too nice to be sitting inside, anyway. Though it was sunny and warm, far warmer than it has been, there was a wonderful breeze that kept it from feeling too hot.

Next up was a brief stop at Dollar Tree. I badly needed sponges and change. I wanted to use the printer at the Haddon Township Library to print out my telephone bill for Camden County. While the lines were long, they actually had all three registers open for once. I was in and out fast.

The Haddon Township Library was dead when I first arrived. There wasn't much for me to do. I shelved a couple of audio books and DVDs. The kids were just coming in from school when I got on the computer...and promptly realized that I'd forgotten the password for my Comcast account.

Ended up taking out books and a few DVDs instead. Suicide Squad is supposed to be pretty bad, but it does feature two of the current members of DC Super Hero Girls, Kantana and Harley Quinn. Continued the original Star Trek move series marathon with The Search For Spock. (I know, odd-numbered one, but I want to see all of them.) After waiting for nearly seven months, they finally had The Princess Diarist book in. Wonder at the Edge of the World is a children's story about a young girl protecting her father's relics that sounds intriguing.

As soon as I got home, I went right back out. I needed to get the laundry done. Thankfully, they weren't that busy when I arrived. I had a really big load, including towels. Worked on story notes and half-listened to the news on Channel 6.

It was so late when I finally got home and put my clothes away, I just ate a quick fish and salad dinner and went straight in the shower afterwards. Did another round of Lego Clone Wars when I got out. "Rookies" is an all-clone episode. General Rex and Commander Cody are training three new recruits at a base that's invaded by Grievous and his battle droids. Each clone had a special ability or weapon that they needed to use to get through puzzles. I loved the guy with the rocket launcher...but I really feel for the one who finally sacrificed himself to literally blow the nasty cyborg warlord out the door.

The next one will probably be another war strategy Count Dooku episode or the next Ventress mission.

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