Monday, June 12, 2017

Heat Wave In My Apartment

Got a fast start today. Charlie showed up around 8:30-9 with his men to start moving things to work on the roof. I had already moved most things before then, including the things on top of the cabinets in the kitchen and the refrigerator. Moved into my room after breakfast and stayed there for the rest of the morning and early afternoon.

First on the agenda was changing the sheets on my bed. Even after we do get rain later in the week, the heat is supposed to linger. It's definitely time for the white and pale yellow sheets and small, light quilt I bought at a yard sale about three or so years ago.

When I finished that, I did writing for several hours. Leia does go to dinner with Jenkins Huttman. Jenkins can't keep his hands off her. He wants to keep her as his mistress and personal plaything. Leia has other ideas. She and Charles drug Huttman's wine and get the keys to Henry's crystal cuffs off him.

Leia has no idea how to get the crystal off Henry...until Charles notices that Jenkins had melted some of it when he pressed at it with his cigar. While Charles melts it off, Leia warms Henry up in her own way with a passionate kiss. Henry is free, but the drugs used on him to make him a living statue have robbed him of his sight and strength.

The trio don't even make it to the door before being caught by Jenkins and his entourage. Henry and Charles are sent downstairs to the holding pens, despite Henry's protests that he'll pay him off. Leia is brought before Jenkins, who seals his "owning" her with a slobbery kiss.

I didn't expect the mess I saw when I finally broke for lunch. I thought they'd just be adding a dormer on the roof. No, they were tearing the roof above most of the kitchen and part of the music/dining area off, making a great big mess as they did. I ducked around them. I had to eat, and it was obvious I wasn't going to eat at home.

Finally had a nice, quiet lunch at Common Grounds Coffee House down the street. Ate a slice of spinach and broccoli quiche with my favorite Spicy-Sweet Iced Tea. Tried a strawberry shortcake "cake pop," cake batter covered in strawberry cream with a lollipop stick pressed in the middle. Sweet, but soo good!

Hoping to dodge the repair crew, I ended up going to work early. Got stuck outside doing carts almost the entire day. This was a bit of a pain. It was hot today, into the mid-90's. We were dead when I came in at 3, but as soon as people got out of their air-conditioned offices, they wanted to stop at air-conditioned stores. It picked up around 4:30 and was busy for the rest of the night.

I was dead tired when I got home. I wasn't really up for much more than Lego Clone Wars. "Weapons Factory" is the second-to-last Count Dooku round. This one starts with more battle strategy as Anakin and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli race around the battlefield, calling in tanks to blow up heavily plated guns, shields, and radars that were protecting the factory. Meanwhile, their pupils Ahsoka and Barriss Offee go underground and into the Factory to stop the Count's right-hand Geonosian, Poggle the Lesser, from destroying the Republic armies.

Next up, we begin the last story rounds, likely with some "Grievous Intrigue."

Oh, and Charlie did put my air conditioner in. I appreciate his help, but he did leave a few problems. First of all, he put it in my bedroom. I told him to put it in the living room. Air does not circulate well in this apartment. It'll circulate better in the larger, more open living area. Second, I can't use it tonight. Most of the redone roof is still covered with tarp. It's been letting in flies by the dozens, too.

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