Sunday, June 25, 2017

Golden Oldies Summer

I awoke to a very different morning, windy, sunny, and dry. The wind felt so delicious, I turned the air conditioner off and opened the windows. Celebrated the lovely weather with Blueberry Pancakes and one of my oldies album collections, Golden Treasures. This was one of my better record yard sale finds. Three discs cover the early history of rock, from "Yakety Yak" to "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head," with several novelties ("Harper Valley PTA," "Tom Dooley") along the way. I accidentally bought even more good collections. Another oldies set came with this one - someone must have forgotten to put them back in the right sleeve before they were sold, and I was in such a hurry, I didn't even realize it until much later.

Worked on writing for the next couple of hours. Henry thinks they managed to sneak their group past Vader at an installment at the base of the Endor mountains. Luke knows better. Vader is all too aware that his son...and another Force-user - are on that carriage. He has his own plans for them and lets them go through.

Endor is miles and miles of forest and craggy cliffs. It's also home to several officers on smaller carts. Henry tries to get rid of them, but they hear him. Luke and Leia go after them. Leia runs one off a cliff, but gets flung off hers. When she comes to, she encounters a little man dressed in what appears to be a bear outfit, holding a spear. He pokes at her, but she gets him to calm down by giving him part of her lunch.

Broke for more Golden Treasures and lunch around 1;30...which was a mistake. It was ten of 2 when I looked at my schedule and suddenly remembered that I had to be at work at 2, not 3! I have no idea why I thought it was 3. I work at 3 on Wednesday and Thursday. I had to rush around like crazy, change, and get everything together before riding as fast as I could. And I still got there just one minute late! I'm still pretty annoyed with myself about it.

And I couldn't afford to be late. Despite what the customer service desk representative claimed when I called her, we were busy when I arrived, and there were no carts. The bagger who was out there said we'd been on and off all day, but it had picked up at 1. I did do some returns and bagging later to cool off, but I was mostly outside.

When I got home, I went straight in the shower, then had dinner. Tried Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings after I ate. Unlike the Lego games, which are more-or-less platformers with little use of the Wii's "motion controls," Staff of Kings has you swinging the controller around to do almost everything, from punching Nazis to cracking the whip. I just couldn't get the hang of it. Those motion controllers may sound good on paper, but they can be a pain to use, especially for people like me with poor hand-eye coordination. It took me a while to get the hang of punching and hitting, and even then, I was mostly swinging and pushing buttons and hoping something would land.

Flying the plane did me in. Indy escapes from the Nazis in a bi-plane, shooting down several in the process. I couldn't do it. It was impossible for me to keep it in the air and make the steep turns the game required. I spent a half-hour trying to get even slightly further and was in tears when I finally gave up and went online instead. (And I had the game on "normal!")

Sorry Indy, but this is a bit much for me. I think I'll return to Lego Clone Wars the next time I'm in a video game mood and figure this out another time.

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