Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sizzling (Almost) Summer

I awoke to another hot day that I once again spent primarily in my room. Charlie and his boys finally showed up around 9 (after saying he'd be here at 8:30). I was afraid to turn on the air conditioner. Between my laptop being on all day and all the drills and power tools the guys were using, I was afraid to blow out the electrical grid.

Finally broke for lunch around 12;30. I ate at the Square Meal, down the street from me on West Clinton. This new eatery emphasizes fast food that's good for you. I had a turkey-meatloaf sandwich with spinach and pepper-jack cheese and a vinegar and garlic German Red Potato Salad. The turkey sandwich was ok, with tons of spicy cheese. (I didn't realize the cheese was pepper-jack. Should have read the whole menu.) The potato salad was a tad too vinegary.

It was past 1 when I finally moved onto the Oaklyn Library. I was far from the only person there. The pre-school on West Clinton isn't air-conditioned and had brought their kids to the library to cool off. I couldn't have gotten to the DVDs or books, even if I wanted to. I just ended up using their printer for the remaining items I needed to send to Camden to get my food stamps.

It was so hot, I treated myself to a milkshake from WaWa after I left the library. The order monitor said they had a new coffee flavor, so I thought I'd try that. It wasn't terrible, but it was strong. It may have been a little too much coffee flavoring for me! At least it was also cold.

Went down to the post office next to send off the application at the post office. Since it didn't require postage, I probably could have sent it from anywhere, but I really want it to get to Camden by the due date on Thursday. Dollar General is around the corner, so I hit up there afterwards for batteries.

The men were still working on putting in the new front door when I got in around 2:30. I just continued to write. Rusty and Cedric find Luke at Benjamin Kenton's old cottage by the beachfront. He's working on a new electrical saber to replace the old one. Rusty tells him about Leia's capture. His saber now complete, he's finally ready to execute his plan.

He shows up at Jenkins' later that day, dressed as a sober gentleman in a dark suit. He tries to bargain with Huttman, but the obese casino owner doesn't want to give up his captives...including "pet" Leia in a jeweled collar and chain. He opts to have Fettson and another guard toss Luke into an aquarium with his man-eating squid instead.

After managing to dodge it several times and stuffing a board in its mouth, Luke finally crushes it in a pile of rocks. Jenkins' isn't happy about losing his other favorite toy and orders Luke, Henry, and Charles brought before him...

The men were done by the time I broke for dinner. Done for the day, that is. I knew Charlie wasn't going to finish installing a door and part of a roof in two days, especially given it got up to the mid-90's here today. Unfortunately, that meant my apartment is still a mess, with things moved all over the kitchen and living room. I wish they'd just told me sooner, so I could have packed everything in boxes and moved to Dad and Jodie's house temporarily, like we originally planned. This is a pain.

Not a fan of the new front door, either. It's too huge both ways, very tall and very wide. Not to mention, very white. I hope he plans on painting it. It doesn't match the brown/yellow/tan look up here at all. I don't know how I'm going to get my wreath back up, either. The window is enormous. I liked the smaller window in the old door - it had more privacy.

I was so tired and hot and frustrated, I just had banana-chocolate chip muffins, yogurt, and cherries for dinner. Listened to the Julie Andrews US cast album of The Boy Friend, a riff on 20's musicals, to cheer me up while I ate.

Finished the night with more Lego Clone Wars, after I moved the cookbook shelves enough to get to the TV. (Not to mention the cookbooks, which are piled up in front of the TV and VCR.) The last General Grievous mission is appropriately titled "Grievous Intrigue." When Grievous kidnaps a Jedi Master, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and his padawan board his latest battle cruiser to rescue him and bring the cyborg down for good.

This was another really long round, with multiple platforms. You start out with your basic puzzles and slice droids, then deal with Grievous and his MegaDroids. Grievous was tough until I figured out you have to toss him into the wall after you throw things at him. Taking him out (or at least enough to end the round) required switching back and forth between Obi-Wan and the padawan, who stood behind him and out of his sight...enough to attack him. It even switches to flying mode at one point when Anakin takes down his ship.

Next up will probably be Ventress' final stand, as the Jedi liberate Ryloth for good.


Linda said...

How big is the window on the door? Full length? Half the door? You can get a kind of cling film to put on the glass. It comes in various sizes and patterns. You could just get something that's translucent and lets the light in but no one can pry, or it comes in stained glass and other patterns. (The homeowner will probably prefer something plain, I would think.)

Is it a metal door? You could get a magnetic curtain rod and put it on the back of the door. That's what we have on our deck door. Then buy a curtain to hang on it--or, if you want to go really inexpensive, just buy a length of material somewhere that covers the window. Don't worry if you hate to sew or don't have a sewing machine; just turn over the material to make a pocket at the top big enough for the rod and secure it with a running stitch. This is what we did in the old house to keep Bandit from flying out of the den.

Emma said...

Yes, it is a metal door - I checked when I got home. All of these are legitimate ideas. I have a ton of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. This might be a good time to buy a hanger for the door, magnetic curtain rod, and curtains. (I could also finally put that old sheet that got a hole in it to good use, cut it up and use it as a curtain. It probably wouldn't look any worse than the obviously handmade curtain for my living room closet, which appears to have been hastily made over from either an old sheet or a larger curtain. ;) ) The cling film is also a good idea - I may see if I can check some of the hobby stores here or in Lauren's area when I go on vacation.