Monday, June 05, 2017

The County Interview

I'm still a little embarrassed. Dad and I were out the door at a little after 8. He suggested taking the PATCO, mentioning that there's nowhere to park at Camden's City Hall. He put money in the parking meter, we got our tickets, and made it upstairs. As we were waiting for the train to Camden, I pulled out the paper they sent me with the time to check where we were going...and I noticed that "telephone interview" was checked, not "in office interview." I showed Dad the paper, and we went right down the stairs and back out.  We wasted money on tickets and on the parking meter.

Charlie and his men were setting up tools when I got home. He'd decided to start building the dormer over the roof today because of the iffy weather. I also heard him mention to his men that the reason the door is so high up is because the porch isn't a porch. It was apparently a low part of the roof over the back of the house originally. He mentioned finally replacing the porch/roof later this summer. We'll see if he actually does it.

I'd just finished Supergirl at Super Hero High and had gone online when Camden County called. As it turned out, I didn't need all the drama last night with the printer. I went on PNC's website and told her my current balances, answering all the usual questions - how much money do you make, what's your rent, do you have a job, where is it, etc. For all the fuss, the lady was very pleasant. The whole thing took 20 minutes and was really no problem at all. She said they'll send me an application within two weeks.

Spent the rest of the morning writing and online. Broke for lunch around noon. Ran an episode of Sailor Moon from the first season while eating. The Guardians have gone wedding-crazy in "A Girl's Dream: Usagi Becomes a Bride." No, she doesn't get married. She's only 14. The person getting married is her home-ec teacher, who is hoping to sew the wedding dress of her dreams and win a contest for a lavish reception. She can't find the perfect fabric for her creation...until Nephrite hands her a bolt that he's cursed. Usagi's delighted when she ends up going undercover in the contest, but the monster that appears with her teacher is decidedly of a less romantic nature.

Returned to writing around 1. Leia gets Aunt Breha caught up with the news and explains where she's been since the Royal Regatta as they head to Lothal. Breha doesn't mind how she feels about Henry, but she's not sure how Bail will respond.

Charles finally lands the Falcon at a sheltered cove alongside the Rogue. Hera and her crew bring them to the hospital in town, where Luke has had a new mechanical hand grafted on. The entire group reconvenes as Langdon tells them his plans to take Charles and the Falcon on ahead to the Tatoonie Islands. Leia and Luke have plans of their own and gather the others around to tell them...

Did a quick Garfield travel special as I got ready for work (and Charlie and his boys put their tools away and fled to escape the incoming shower). Garfield Goes Hollywood when he, Odie, and Jon win a local Star Search-style contest. Garfield and Odie desperately want to win the big movie studio contract, but Jon's worried that their success may mean leaving him behind.

Work was busy all afternoon. Except for the first half-hour, when I bagged and returned a basket of cold items, I was outside for most of my shift. The head bagger was in a tizzy when I arrived, complaining that she hadn't had help all day and had been dealing with the carts on her own. The other bagger elaborated - she'd gotten stuck in a register and hadn't been able to help with the carts or anything else for hours.

The weather hadn't been wonderful all day. It started raining shortly before I left for work, and has showered off and on for pretty much the rest of the evening. It was hot and humid and sticky, but it was still better than dealing with all the upset customers inside. Those online coupon sales are getting a lot of people very angry. More than a quarter of our customers are older people who either won't, can't, or are terrified of trying any new technology. Half of them don't know what an app is, never mind having ours on their cell phone. If you haven't clipped the coupon online, you won't get the sale. And then there's the people who just don't read the signs.

At any rate, I was lucky. I had plenty of help, especially later in the afternoon when the kids let out of school, and I never landed in the registers. (Considering all the people annoyed about us being short on help again, I'm surprised they didn't call me in early.) The rain was gone when I finally headed home, but the clouds and heavy humidity lingered, and continue to at press time.

After a much-needed shower, I finished out my night with more Lego Clone Wars. Padme is in trouble in "Destroy the Malevolence" when she and C-3P0 are supposed to be on a mission to talk to General Grievous and end up surrounded by attack droids instead. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and R2-D2 go in after them. A lot of puzzle-solving in this one, with both droids and both Jedi. It took a little while to figure out, especially the crane that lifts a section of monorail car so you can walk across it and Obi-Wan trying to put together the mechanism for one of the doors. I'll give "Jedi Search" another shot next time I play.

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