Monday, June 19, 2017

One Stormy Evening

Started off an on-and-off cloudy and sunny morning with breakfast, then taking down the spring decorations and putting up what very little I have for summer. Summer officially starts in two days, and I was overdue. Besides, Charlie still hadn't come back. I figured I was good to go. And when he does come back, there will be fewer knick-knacks to deal with. The only "decorations" I have for summer are a sunflower-and-heart-shaped wooden plaque, a small wreath trimmed with sunflowers, and a couple of beach and ocean stuffed animals - three flamingos, a whale, a small tomato clown fish.

Ran two beach-themed cartoon episodes while I worked. In the second season of Sailor Moon, the Guardians are on vacation on a tropical island. While they convince Rei to temporarily forgo training, Chibi-Usa befriends a baby dinosaur who rescues her from sharks. She gets a chance to return the favor - and the girls show that they can use their Guardian powers for something besides chasing villains - when a volcano erupts on the island, trapping the baby and his mother in a cave.

The Tiny Toons discover that "No Toon Is an Island" during the first season of Tiny Toon Adventures. Babs and Plucky encounter a treasure map at the beach that sets them off in search of golden booty. Even after finding the treasure, they learn a bit about the "Green-Eyed Monster"...and find a very different monster's been stealing their loot.

After I put everything away, I turned on the computer and tried to figure out why the internet wasn't working. I unplugged it and plugged it, cleared my cache, put it on Ethernet briefly. Nothing worked. I finally removed a driver, which did the trick. I haven't had any problems since.

Managed to squeeze in some writing time before updating my blog. Luke, Wedge, and Rusty go back to Dagobah to complete Luke's training. Wedge reassures Luke that everything will be fine with Yoda, but Luke senses something's wrong when he can't find the elderly Jedi anywhere...

Headed off to work at 3. Dark clouds had begun to build up during lunch. It even rained a little bit on my way, but it didn't last long. By the time I had put on my rain coat and was pulling into the Acme, it was gone.

But not done. The clouds were getting worse as I and two other baggers rushed around, gathering as many carts as we possibly could. It showered off and on while we worked. The weather didn't get really bad until around 5, by which time we'd filled both sides of the patio with carts and I was on break. Thick, dark gray clouds blanketed the sky, and the rain came down in buckets. The roof in the back storage area leaks - I quickly covered boxes of soda with a trash bag to keep them from getting too wet. (Someone removed them all together later.) Although the rain slowed down by the time I finished doing the inside trash and was back outside, it did continue to thunder and lightning for at least another hour. Thankfully, it slowed down enough around 7 for me to head home and only arrive a little wet. I needed a shower anyway, so I just got pre-wet.

After my shower, I made scrambled eggs with cheese, zucchini, and mushrooms for dinner, then watched Dead Men Tell while going online. This time, Charlie Chan is engaged by an eccentric old lady (Ethel Griffies) who owns a pirate map that once belonged to her ancestor. She's split the map into four pieces, giving one to each member of the group who's going to Cocos Island to find the treasure with her. Alas, she never makes it. She dies of fright and a bad heart after seeing a supposedly real pirate who resembles her ancestor. While number two son Jimmy (Keye Luke) keeps ending up in the drink, Charlie has to figure out who done it, before the boat leaves the dock.

Not quite as good as Opera and a little too much of Jimmy's antics for my taste, but the story and its resolution are fairly unique.

Oh, and the storms have continued off and on for the rest of the evening, though they seem to be off at the moment.

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