Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dancin' In the Streets

I spent the morning cleaning the apartment and returning it to normal. I ran into Charlie on the way back to my place yesterday. He says he's not planning on doing anything else with the roof until I'm on vacation. Good. I was able to put away anything that was still out (including the cookbooks on the floor by the TV), dust the apartment, and put up the patriotic decorations for Independence Day. I meant to put them up last week in time for Flag Day, but I couldn't do that with the workers around. This also means I'll have time to move anything that may be in his way next month before I leave.

Watched Recess: School's Out as I worked. In honor of summer starting and the Oaklyn School letting out for the season tomorrow, I ran this unique ode to time off. T.J Detwiler's looking forward to a summer of mischief and adventure...at least until he finds out his friends are all going away to camp. Bored, he accidentally stumbles upon what looks like a laser beam being worked on at the Third Street School. When he asks the head of the school, Principal Prickley (Dabney Coleman) to look into it, he seems to vanish right before his eyes! T.J eventually calls the others back to help him find out what's really going on at the school.

This is one of my favorite underappreciated Disney movies, but then again, I always liked the show, too. (And I'm not the only one who likes it. This was a surprise hit in 2001, bigger than Disney's "canon" animated film from that year, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.) I also love the psychedelic late 60's-early 70's soundtrack that gives the movie it's wacky flavor. If you're a fan of late 60's rock or the show, this is worth checking out.

Headed out around quarter after 12 to do some volunteering at the Oaklyn Library. I was going to hold off on it until later in the week, but it was too nice to be inside all day. The library bore this out. One woman took out books; a father and his son checked out a computer. Otherwise, it was just me and the librarian. I spent the half-hour I was there organizing DVDs and looking over the kids' area.

Hit WaWa for a quick Turkey Swiss Hoagie on a whole wheat "shorti" roll and a Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade, then ate them on the picnic tables at West Clinton Avenue. The real-life elementary school kids were heading out of school early. I got to watch them congregate in twos and threes and groups, heading to Phillies Phatties for pizza or wishing Phillies Yummies was open. (It doesn't open until 2.)

Among those on their way home were Khai and his grandmother, Craig's mother. Craig and Rose both had to work, so she ended up babysitting Khai this afternoon. Khai apparently wanted water ice, but he was going to have to wait.

Got home around 1:30. It was cool enough for me to make some quick Pineapple Muffins for dinner. Watched an episode of The Backyardigans as I baked. The kids also enjoy some funky psychedelic sounds as Coast Guard members Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone "Save the Day" and rescue fisher-hippo Tasha from increasingly dangerous waters. Thing is, Tasha has no desire to be rescued. All she cares about is catching a "whopper!"

Spent the next hour and a half before work writing. Before dying, Yoda confirms that yes, Baron Vader is Luke's father, and yes, he has more family than he previously believed. The voice of Benjamin Kenton further elaborates on this. Baron Anakin Skywalker had once been a good man and a decent husband to Queen Padme of Naboo. When the Jedi refused to let him become a master guard and the royal family would not officially declare him king, he joined up with Prime Minister Palpatine to overthrow both the guards and the royal family. Ben's worried that Luke may follow the same path, but Wedge and Rusty assure him that Luke's too nice of a guy for that.

Ended the day at work. I'm actually kind of glad I took the extra hours, and not just because of my paycheck. It was absolutely gorgeous today, sunny, breezy, and in the lower 80's. Pretty normal for this time of year. I was probably better off pushing carts than sitting around inside. I also assumed we'd be dead, and I was right. Not only were we not busy, but I had help later in the evening from the college boy who usually works the night bagging shift. Between him and me, we had no problems rounding up carts and gathering baskets and trash.

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