Monday, June 26, 2017

Hair-Raising Adventures

I started off my morning with writing. The guys have gone after Leia...and find themselves caught in a net. Turns out it was left by more of the same primitive, animal-clad natives who rescued her. They intend to eat Luke, Henry, Charles, and Rusty, but consider Cedric to be a god. Henry and Leia try to convince Cedric to free them. He doesn't think they'll listen...until Luke makes him float through the air! Leia explains that they've been mistreated by Coruscant. Many of their people were forced to work in the mines, and the blasts have scared off many of their usual prey. But the trio have a plan to fight back...

This time, I made sure to break around noon to have lunch. Since it was a beautiful day, breezy and much cooler, I figured I'd try the Ginger Molasses recipe from that cookie cookbook Lauren gave for my birthday. Oh yum. Chewy and spicy, maybe a little too sweet but not bad. I love molasses cookies, and these are pretty darn good. (I may just use less sugar the next time I have them.)

Finished Tangled Before Forever After, which I started during breakfast, while I ate and baked. Evidently, this is the pilot for Tangled: The Series, which debuted in the spring. Rapunzel is getting tired of being groomed as a princess. Her exuberance doesn't go over well with the snooty members of the court her parents have invited to the coronation, and neither does her friendship with Eugene. Her lady-in-waiting Cassandra is especially suspicious. Rapunzel's father is so worried about losing his daughter again, he's overprotecting her and the kingdom. She longs for freedom...but gets more than she bargained for when her and Cass' trip to where the golden flower used to grow ends with her hair long and golden again...and now, it's indestructible. While Rapunzel tries to figure out how to hide her regrown locks, Eugene practices to propose to her...and one of the guests plots revenge on the royal family.

I like but don't love Tangled, so I may not be the right audience for this. My main complaint is Cassandra. I know they're going for "tough sassy girl," but she comes off as more nasty and obnoxious at times, and her rivalry with Eugene doesn't help. Hopefully, they'll tone her down a tad as the series continues. The ending is almost sadly bittersweet, an odd choice for a Disney princess tale. I kind of wish her dad had been a little more understanding, but Rapunzel shouldn't have gone out, either. It's more than likely this is also something that'll change over the course of the series.

The DVD also contained a couple of shorts, mostly revolving around a member of the supporting cast. My favorite was the first one. "Checkmate" is a cute story told without dialogue. Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon, wants Maximus the horse to play chess with him, but Maximus doesn't pay attention. He does everything he can to get the stoic equine to make his move.

Did an episode of Sailor Moon while getting ready for work. In the early second season, the Guardians are all going to appear in a local production of Snow White, featuring Mamoru as the prince. An desperately wants to be Snow White and kiss him, to Usagi's annoyance. She's not the only one who's jealous. Ali, An's lover, detests Mamoru and sends a monster to take him out. The Guardians jump into the spotlight to get rid of it.

Work was actually pretty quiet. While the carts were bad when I arrived, it wasn't really that busy. I was in and out all day. Bagged and gathered carts and trash along with rounding up carts. It was a gorgeous day for it. The sun was out, a stiff wind was blowing, and it was far cooler than it has been, a more typical for June lower 80's.

When I got home, I ate a quick leftovers dinner while finishing another Sailor Moon episode I started before I left. This time, An and Usagi are thrown together in detention. An is feeling weak and desperately needs energy. Vivacious Usagi is a perfect least until another monster sent by her lover gets out of control...

Ended the night with more Lego Clone Wars. Shooting down enemy vehicles outside the hub spaceship opened up an "Epilogue" mission. This is another military mission, this time taking place at night. It took me a while to be able to earn enough money to buy the tank with the laser I needed to take out some of the gold-plated laser satellites. When I did, I had to earn more money in order to buy the tanks I needed to take down the huge Zillow Beast. Fortunately, every time the beast threw things around, the debris falling to the grounds created piles of studs, so money wasn't a problem. Building enough to finally get them to give me the tanks was more trouble. I made so much money from the Zillow Beast's tantrum, I was able to afford to buy another red brick, the x 4, which I had been saving for.

Next time, we'll start the Free Play rounds and explore the spaceship hub further.

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