Thursday, June 01, 2017

June Is Bustin' Out All Over

Began a bright, sunny spring morning with a quick breakfast and some Backyardigans. Barry Allen is hardly the only superhero to have a hard time dealing with his powers. In "Flower Power," flower-seller Uniqua pricks her finger on an unusual bloom and becomes "Flower Girl," the champion of Garden City who keeps everything looking rosy. She has a hard time controlling her new earth-based magic at first, but after she's figured it out, she's ready to defend the citizens from The Gloom Meister (Austin), who wants to cast a shadow over all the land.

Did writing and computer work for most of the morning. Luke, Rusty, and Langdon return to Luke's airship the Rogue to take it to Lothal to get the wounded Jedi's cut-off limb looked at, while the others take the Falcon back to Chalindria Court and Corellia Manor to check in with Mon Mothma and Aunt Breha. Luke, Rusty, and Langdon slide down ropes (Luke with Langdon's help) to take out the soldiers and get the Rogue in the air.

Broke around 1 for lunch. Ran more Backyardigans while I ate. "Dragon Express" uses dragons to fly mail to high places even planes can't reach. Austin and his gentle mount Misty hope to someday be like the bolder Pablo and his dragon Maverick. When Pablo and Maverick are stuck in an ice castle and can't get out, it's the quieter pair who end up delivering the packages.

Headed out to work shortly after the episode finished. Work was on-and-off busy, nothing really horrible. While I also did some returns and bagging and went into a register for a cashier's lunch, I spent the majority of the afternoon doing carts. The head bagger was doing something inside, so I was largely on my own. At least it was a nice day for it, the nicest day we've had in weeks. The sky was blue, the clouds were puffy and white like sheep, and while the air was warm, the breeze felt deliciously cool.

When I got in, I changed into regular clothes, then had a quick dinner of leftover chicken legs and green salad with home-made balsamic vinaigrette dressing while listening to one of my 20's records. With the late afternoon sun pouring in, the apartment felt just cool enough, and the romantic music drowned out Charlie's cursing outside.

Finished out the night with more Lego Clone Wars. Started with the next Count Dooku round, "Jedi Crash." The flying wasn't a problem. The trouble started when I landed. I just could not figure out how to get Anakin to use his lightsaber to jump onto a platform! I tried for at least ten minutes before I finally gave up and switched to another mission.

"Ambush!" was only slightly less difficult. This time, Yoda and three of the clone officers have to stop Asjji Ventress from bullying the Toydarians into joining the Separatists. The Toydarians' planet looks like a dry coral reef, with massive pink coral-like structures everywhere. Along with Yoda's Force abilities, each clone officer comes with a different least until the poor guy with the rapid-fire weapon loses an arm and has to resort to hitting things with a droid head. The first two guns you encounter weren't too bad, but it took me a while to figure out how to do the third. Two of the three "droidekka" guns were easy to get rid of. The third was a tad trickier, since I had to figure out a way to pull it under an outcropping with the limited depth perception inherent in all Lego games.

Next time, I'll either attempt "Jedi Crash" again or go after Grievous and destroy the Malevolence for good.

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