Saturday, March 02, 2019

Tonight, Tonight

I'd been up for a half-hour this morning when the phone rang. Yes, it was the Acme. When could I come in? They'd had a call out. I originally said noon, but they talked me into 11:30.

That at least gave me enough time for leftover pepperoni pizza and strawberries for breakfast and an episode of Wonder Woman. It's "A Date With Doomsday" when a man who stole a vial containing a deadly virus from a government research lab turns out to have recently been to a certain dating service. Diana Prince checks out the service after the older cleaning lady who works at the lab reveals they also tried to brainwash her and Diana becomes concerned that they have something even more sinister in mind for the vial.

Headed straight to work as soon as Diana ended. To my surprise, work was on-and-off steady all afternoon. The way the manager talked this morning, I thought it would be a lot busier. I got stuck in the register all day. I spent half the day standing around, especially early-on. The manager said I was fine, but I'm not so sure. I felt frazzled, stressed, and even more tired afterwards than I ever was pushing carts. Dealing with people constantly is really wearying for me. I bought a few things for dinner, including a loaf of Italian bread that was free with a coupon from the Monopoly game, and a set of Gene Kelly musicals that included one I didn't have, Brigadoon.

Did some writing when I got home. Han and Yoda head upstairs, trying to find Luke and Leia. Han hears Luke shouting and rushes to Palpatine's suites, where he proceeds to smash the door down.

Broke for dinner around 7. Had a meatball sandwich and salad while watching an episode of Sailor Moon from the fourth season. In "Makoto's Friendship: A Girl Who Admired Pegasus," she reveals to the Guardians that she had known the author of a popular novel about a girl who loves a Pegasus in school and had encouraged her to publish her work. When they visit her, they learn that the young woman has lost her inspiration and her muse and believes she'll never write again. Makoto is determined to prove that inspiration can come from anywhere, and to protect her friend when she's targeted by Tiger's Eye.

Played Angry Birds Star Wars for an hour and a half after dinner, while sipping hot chocolate for dessert. Cloud City adds vents of steam that can direct your bird upwards and let them hit higher objects. This made for a couple of especially difficult rounds, including the "boss round" where you have to use each character to break barriers and get to Vader. Leia also gets an upgrade and is now able to pull apart larger structures.

Ended the night on a more sober note with West Side Story. I go into further details on this tragic romance on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

West Side Story

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