Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Sunny Side of Life

Started off a sunny morning with breakfast and more of The Flash. I backtracked a bit to the first disc and the third episode, "Things You Can't Outrun." As the group at STAR Labs creates a prison for the metahumans they capture to reverse their mutations, Barry finds himself dealing with a killer who is using his ability to transform into poison gases to kill off the people who sent him to jail...and Iris' dad Joe may be his next victim.

Charlie still hadn't arrived by 10:30, so I made the bed and cleared off the top of my printer while I waited for him. Ran the next episode, "Going Rogue," as I did my chores. This one introduces one of The Flash's most famous adversaries, the ice-based vigilante Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. Barry is showing a visiting Felicity Smoak (from another DC show, Arrow) around town when he's called to stop an armored truck robbery. Unfortunately, he's nearly left in a coma by Snart's ice-shooting gun. Barry's upset that he wasn't able to save everyone...and he's even more angry when it turns out that his friend Cisco made the gun that Snart stole. Meanwhile, Joe is less than pleased with his daughter Iris' relationship with his dull partner Eddie.

He finally arrived around 11, shortly before I left for work. Work was even quieter than it's been the past few days. This time, we never even got remotely steady. I spent the whole day outside, rounding up carts, sweeping the patio, and gathering the trash and recycling. It was a nice day for it. While the wind was chilly and blustery, it wasn't quite as bad as it was over the weekend, and the air was warm when you could get into the sun. We had plenty of help and no problems whatsoever.

It was such a gorgeous day, I took the long way home from work. It was almost rush hour, and I ended up dodging a lot of traffic on Nicholson Road. Atlantic was a lot easier to deal with. The neighborhood is really looking like spring now, with buds on the trees and more and more grass sprouting on yellow lawns.

Charlie was starting to wind down when I arrived. Along with putting in the kitchen window and the insulation around it, he'd taken out the old exhaust fan for the stove that, for some reason, was on the side of the house across from the stove, and covered the hole. I'd had it covered with plastic since I moved in. Not only has it not worked the entire time I've lived here, Charlie revealed that it wasn't even hooked up to anything. He also talked about taking out a window in my bedroom to expand the closet so I can actually hang things in it. I'll be able to get rid of those cheap wardrobes that are falling apart.

Worked on writing for a while after he left. Luke and Rudy learn that their rescuer is Ben MacKenner, the owner of Ben's Comics. To Luke's shock, it turns out he was known as the Negotiator, a member of the elite superhero group the Jedi Knights, during World War II. He went into hiding after the group was disbanded. Rudy recognizes him, and so does Charlie after he's coaxed from behind the trash cans. Ben says he'll explain further inside...

Rose called while I was writing. First of all, she confirmed that Dad-Bruce is feeling much better, and will be undergoing a new series of tests this spring. She didn't have as much luck with the doctor they all wanted me to see. Turns out that doctor is booked months in advance and has a long waiting list. They're looking up more doctors in the area who might be easier to get into. We also discussed Lauren's visit. She might be able to drive her from the station when she arrives, since she works in Camden, but we will either need to talk to the family to drive her to the station going home, or take Uber.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. I had leftovers and took a shower. Watched the 1949 biography of 1920's Broadway star Marilyn Miller, Look for the Silver Lining, before and after my shower. I go into more details at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Look for the Silver Lining

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