Thursday, March 21, 2019

Workin' In the Rain

Got a quick start to a rainy morning doing a few chores around the apartment after breakfast, including making the bed, before Charlie came upstairs. Finished out Superman: The Serial, then did the next episode of Man From Atlantis after Charlie came upstairs. The "Imp" is a little man (Pat Moriata) who makes anyone he touches giggly and silly. He's already gotten to the crew of an underwater station. Mark manages to rescue the last crewman, Duke (Dick Gautier), but the prankish fellow stows away and gets loose, eventually effecting C.W as well. Mark and Elizabeth have to stop the little man, before he manages to take his pranks all the way to Washington.

It was still raining when I went to work, but not heavily. I was able to ride to work and only get a little damp. It rained off and on for the rest of the day. I alternated between doing returns and gathering carts early in the day, then switched to focusing on the carts after my break. Or at least, I tried to. I ended up in the registers three times, usually to go in for someone else. We weren't busy at all - in fact, we were quiet all day - so I'm guessing we just didn't have enough help.

The rain had finally slowed down again by the time I headed home. Charlie was just finishing his day's work when I arrived. Turns out that the reason he tore out the paneling and the outlet between the walls was there was no insulation in them. No wonder it gets so drafty in here. He's now installing insulation along with new windows. He also put in a new electrical outlet and moved it closer to the floor, where electrical outlets normally are.

Worked on writing after he finished (and while he took down the wire screens on the remaining windows).  Actually, I did a little bit of re-writing. Instead of Luke taking them, Rudy becomes impatient when Uncle Owen won't let Luke go to Ben's comics shop and takes off with his van instead. Luke and Charlie take Luke's ancient Ford and go after him.

Broke for dinner at 7. Had leftovers, then made lemon bars from a recipe from my low-fat dessert cookbook. Yum! They came out beautifully, very lemony and tart, and not so sweet that you can't taste the lemon. The cornmeal in the crust was a nice touch, too.

Finished out the Man from Atlantis episode, then watched Lillian Russell while I ate and baked. I go into more detail on this 1940 Alice Faye vehicle at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Lillian Russell

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