Monday, March 04, 2019

Winds of March

I slept longer than I planned this morning and had just enough time for an episode of The Backyardigans and breakfast before heading to work. Did another episode revolving around straightforward and occasionally bossy hippo Tasha. She's in her element as a spoiled Egyptian princess who holds "The Key to the Nile." She and her servants Tyrone, Austin, and Pablo set off to find the presents that'll convince the Sphinx (Uniqua) to tell them how to refill the river. The boys help Tasha find the items, but she never thanks them for it or acknowledges their contributions. Uniqua finally points out that the real secret to anything is being polite and treating others as we'd like to be treated.

Work was pretty much the same it's been for the past few weeks - between quiet and mildly steady. I did some returns this morning and gathered baskets, but I was mainly outside, rounding up carts and doing the outside trash and recycling. While it was chilly and very windy, it wasn't quite as cold as it's supposed to get starting tomorrow. The sun was nice, when you could get out of the wind.

When I got home, I tightened my bike seat (it had gotten loose again) and went upstairs to change and make chocolate muffins. Did a longer Backyardigans episode while I worked. Pablo is an "International Super Spy" in the first of three hour-long specials. This parody of the James Bond/Avengers-style spy capers of the 1960's takes the crafty penguin around the world to find three containers that may hold "a recipe for disaster!" He must them out of the hands of the Lady In Pink (Uniqua) and her hench-moose Tyrone.

Did some writing for a while after that. It's Artoo (and his nose) who leads Han, Leia, and the others upstairs. Chewie's big fist gets them into Prince Palpatine's rooms. They walk right into a fight between Sheriff Vader and Luke Scarlet. Leia runs to Luke when he's thrown against the wall, while Han and the others move to defend their friend.

Didn't break for dinner until 7. Had roasted broccoli and cauliflower with a meatball sandwich while watching a couple of Danger Mouse episodes. "Rogue Robots" was the very first episode of the series. DM and Penfold have to figure out who's been sending robots to attack agents DM's worked with. The duo head north in "Ice Station Camel" to figure out how Greenback has stopped the Earth's rotation and get it moving again.

Moved on to Angry Birds Star Wars after dinner. The Boba Fett Missions return to Cloud City for 10 rounds that involve having to set the Fett pig off and let him crash into things. Most of them weren't that hard, and there were only ten rounds. With all of the rounds having been open, I went back to the Tatoonie rounds to see if I could get three stars on some of the earlier ones.

Finished the night with Attack the Block. This British sci-fi action film involves a group of hoodlums in a British tenement who attack young nurse Samantha (Jodi Whittaker) on her way home from work. She manages to flee when they see a meteorite hit a near-by car. Turns out that was no meteorite; it was the home of a small but fierce alien. They do manage to kill that one and think they'll be famous. Turns out there's a lot more aliens coming, and these are far larger, with sharp glowing teeth and fur that doesn't reflect light. Samantha joins them as they run from the cops, then from an angry drug dealer (Juamayn Hunter) whom they'd brought the other alien to. After she treats one of the boys for a bite on the leg, Samantha decides she's better off working with these kids than against them...and that they may be the only ones who can stop this extraterrestrial menace from killing everyone in their entire neighborhood.

Intense and weird little sci-fi movie, with Whittaker and John Boyega stand-outs as the fed-up nurse and the leader of the gang. Very violent, with lots of swearing and blood (alien and human), but also quite funny in spots, with a not-bad hard rock and rap soundtrack. Too heavy and violent for kids, but older teens who love sci-fi comedy or wacky and violent British action-horror comedies like Sean of the Dead will really enjoy this one.

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