Friday, March 01, 2019

March Goes In Like a Lion

A lot of people mentioned yesterday that we were supposed to get snow early this morning. We did, about the same two inches we've been getting all winter. It was still cloudy when I was watching Frosty's Winter Wonderland and making oatmeal and mandarin oranges for breakfast. Frosty has returned, but he's lonely when the kids go home. To help him feel better, the kids create a "snow wife" to his specifications. Trouble is, she's not "all livin'" like he is. Meanwhile, a jealous Jack Frost wants to get his hands on Frosty's top had and eliminated the competition once and for all!

Went to work shortly after the cartoon ended. By the time I got in at 10:15, the snow was winding down. Only the grass was white; the snow never stuck to paved surfaces. The roads and parking lot were perfectly fine. I spent most of the morning finishing the candy and doing returns, and most of the afternoon doing carts. Other than getting briefly stuck in a register when we were crazy-busy around noon, there were no problems whatsoever. It snowed briefly again around 12:30, but otherwise was cloudy, damp, and chilly, but not as bad as yesterday.

My schedule next week is pretty darn good. I have Sunday, Thursday, and next Saturday off, two early days in a row, and the latest I work is 4 on Friday. Good. I'll get a lot done, including online job hunting and cleaning, and be able to avoid at least some of the nasty cold and rain we're supposed to get next week.

Did my grocery shopping as soon as I finished work. It was pretty dead by quarter after 4, which was a very good thing. I needed a lot of groceries this week! Two-pound containers of strawberries were on sale; pears are cheap, too. There was a really good coupon online for the Acme's generic frozen pizza. I picked up pepperoni for dinner. Also restocked brown sugar, peanut butter, jelly (actually, orange marmalade), ground turkey, shampoo, tomato sauce, skim milk, yogurt, butter, molasses, and canned mandarin oranges.

Headed straight home after work. Since it was already so late, I tossed the pizza in the oven for an early dinner, along with a baked apple. Ran Jack Frost while I baked and put everything away. Technically, this is a Groundhog's Day special, but it does involve winter. The title character falls in love with Elisa, romantic human girl. He convinces Father Winter to make him a human for one winter in order to woo her. He's not the only one interested in the girl, though. Elisa is far more interested in a handsome knight who's returned from the Crusades than a human Jack. There's also the Cossack King, a man so nasty, his army and household are all made of metal, to contend with. Jack commands a huge blizzard to keep the Cossack King and his army from causing trouble...but he needs a sign from a certain little groundhog to be able to continue...

Switched to a Backyardigans episode as I cleaned up from dinner. Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo are convinced that Tasha's "High Tea" will be boring. Not the way she does it! She leads the kids from the treetops of Borneo to the palace of the grumpy Chinese emperor Austin to the geysers of the Gobi Desert in the search for the perfect cup of tea.

Did a little bit of writing after the cartoon ended. Yoda offers to lead Han into the castle to find Luke and Leia. He sends Lando to use his horse Falcon and his cart to get around Prince Palpatine and aid the villagers.

Took a shower around quarter after 8. Finished the night with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. After learning how Indy got his hat and whip and sought the Cross of Coronado in the opening sequence, we return to the college where he works. Indy turns the Cross over to his good friend, museum owner Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliot). Two men bring him to industrialist Walter Donovan (Julian Glover), who has clues to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail, the cup that belonged to Jesus. He's not that interested, until Donovan tells him that his father, Grail expert Professor Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery), has gone missing in Venice. Indy knows something's wrong when he finds his father's much-loved Grail diary, a record of his long search, in the mail.

He's met by Austrian professor Dr. Elsa Schinder (Allison Doody) in Venice. She not only helps him find the next clues in the catacombs under a church, but helps him deal with the Brotherhood, a group of men determined to keep the Grail safe. Even after Indy finds his father, he learns that several of his co-horts are not what they seem. He'll have to dive into the heart of Nazi Germany, and then to a temple filled with heart-stopping traps, to find the Grail and keep it out of the Nazis' hands.

This is my favorite of the Indiana Jones films, mainly for the byplay between Connery and Ford. They're so funny and natural together that they make the movie a treat to watch. There's also some of the best action sequences of the entire series, including the chase through the desert in the Middle East, the boat chase in Venice, and the motorcycle ride in Germany. Highly recommended, especially if you're new to the series - this and Raiders are good places to start. started to rain hard around the time I started writing, and has been pouring ever since. I didn't think the snow would last long again. Considering how cold it's supposed to get next week, maybe it's just as well.

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