Friday, August 21, 2020

Blue Dogs and Orange Tigers

Began a sunny morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Waits With Dad" while he goes to the dentist. Dan wants to hit the library to get the new Tigey the Adventure Tiger book, but playing with his father and a stuffed dinosaur in the dentist's office helps pass the time. He has to pass the time with Jodie when there's a long line at the library. Daniel wants to go to the park, but Margaret's shoes are too small for her. Dan, his sister, and his mother have to wait while Prince Tuesday gets "Margaret's New Shoes."

Switched to Split Second after Daniel Tiger ended. The young man was slightly ahead the entire night. The Coundown Round came down to him and one of the women. He won by a question, and finally got the car outright. The sister pair beat the background singer on Blockbusters, and finally won the Gold Rush bonus round, too. They were playing a male college student when the show ended.

Switched to Muppet Babies as I got ready for work. It's "Meatball Mayhem" when the kids do everything they can to get rid of the Swedish Chef's terrible meatballs. When Bunsen Honeydew's latest invention turns the meatballs into a monster, the kids have to figure out how to make the creature more friendly. Bunsen is upset when Beaker is recruited by Piggy to join the kids' rock band. "Bunsen Honeydew, Show Stopper" does everything he can do delay the concert and bring his best friend back.

Got to work slightly late. Maybe it was just as well. Once again, we weren't busy. It got a little steady for a while, then would die out. No major problems the whole day.

I mainly work in the afternoon next week. Same days off, Monday and Thursday. Slightly more work hours will mean a great paycheck going into Labor Day Weekend.

Needed milk when I finished. I really like the coconut milk I've been buying these past few months. Tastes better than ordinary cow's milk, with a lot less salt. Dug a slightly dented box of cake flour and two cans of salt-free finely diced tomatoes out of a cart filled with clearance items.

Went straight home after that. Did some writing after that. The nobles and servants alike are turned to stone, but Brett, Charles, and Betty manage to avoid it under the remains of the dessert cart. Betty wants to retrieve her familiar frog friend, but it's hard when Malade's carrying him in a sack...

Broke for Chicken Therese (chicken breast with a sauce of onion, mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, mustard, and chicken broth) and sauteed summer squash and tomatoes at 6:30. For some reason, Match Game skipped ahead a bit to the classic week featuring comedienne Kaye Ballard and Gene Rayburn's old boss from The Today's Show Steve Allen. Brett and Charles were more interested in teasing Fannie about her fox fur collar.

Heard a knock on my door as Sale of the Century started. To my surprise, Rose and Finley were on the other side of my door. They and Khai were visiting Jodie at her place and thought I might like to join them. Finley played with my fruit (and dropped a squishy plum) while I talked to her mother. She wants Jess and me to sign those papers sometime this week.

Finished eating while Sale of the Century was on. This time, the champion lady was clearly ahead the entire time. Though everyone got something, she killed everyone at the Speed Round...and this time, she won the Bonus Round with time to spare, too.

Knocked on Jodie's side of the house as soon as the show ended. Khai was playing games on his phone, while Finley watched her current favorite TV show, the sweet cartoon Bluey. Bluey is an blue heeler pup living with her parents and sister Bingo outside of Brisbane, Australia. Bluey's adventures are funny and pretty realistic for a show about talking dogs down under.

The pups' dad Bandit is frantically trying to get the kids to school on time in "Daddy Dropoff," but the kids have their own way of doing things. Bingo tosses her "Sticky Gecko" on the ceiling and insists her mother try to catch it, but Chilli is just trying to get her children out the door to the park. Khai likes "Army." Jack, a Jack Russell terrier who has a hard time remembering things and staying still, befriends Rusty, who helps him with his memory and directions by playing drill sergeant with him. The pups are shocked when their parents drop them off at their grandmother's house to get some alone time. They pretend they're trying to "Escape" and get their parents...and then their parents turn it around and chase them!

Finished the night with two earlier Bluey episodes at my place. Bluey is a doctor and Bingo a sympathetic nurse who play "Hospital" and pretend to get a cat out of their father's stomach. "The Adventure" reminds me of the stories my sisters and I made up when we played dress-up at home at Bluey and Chloe the Dalmatian's ages. They pretend to be a princess who must dodge an evil queen and find food for her own poor queen.

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