Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sunny Day Adventures

Began a sunny morning with breakfast and more Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. Went backwards to the crew's first adventures in Japan. "Goofasaur" is a dinosaur robot a young Japanese inventor created to look like Goofy. When the real Goofy breaks the controls and it goes on a rampage, Mickey borrows her Pacific Rim-style mechanical suit to catch up with it. Minnie, Daisy, and Cukoo Loca become "Teahouse Helpers" when a friend who runs a traditional Japanese tea house can't serve the tea. Daisy has to find that tea, before an ink artist who is a local celebrity leaves!

Switched to Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour while I finished my Farina and a very hard and mealy peach and got ready to run errands. This time, Elyse Knight joined her father Ted Knight and a pre-talk show Arsenio Hall to answer goofy questions. I listened to their antics while gathering my laundry. Headed out just as the regular Match Game started.

The laundromat was pretty busy when I arrived. Almost every regular washer was in use, so I took one of the larger ones that ran for a half-hour. The other reason I used the big washer was I wanted to hit Family Dollar. I needed sugar and sponges and wanted plastic containers for my journals to get them out of the way and make room for more. Sat outside while the clothes were in the dryer and worked on story notes. I didn't care that it was hot and humid. It was also bright and sunny, something it won't be in the next few days, and the wind felt wonderful.

Put my laundry away as soon as I got home. Listened to I Love Adventure as I shelved everything and loaded the journals in containers. This short-lived re-introduction to I Love a Mystery from 1948 has Jack, and later Reggie, working for the mysterious 21 Old Men at London in cases of international intrigue. The first has Jack retrieving microfilm in China. The second brings Reggie back in to help stop airmail thieves. Both seem more like an attempt to cross the pulp nuttiness of Mystery with more typical James Bond-esque spy tales. It's kind of an awkward mix, especially when Jack is on his own in the first story. (At the very least, unlike Mystery, the entire run of the series does exist.)

Watched Super Password and Tattletales while making a summer fruit and yogurt smoothie for lunch. Lydia Cornell turned up again on Super, answering Password Puzzles with Patrick Wayne. I saw the Tattletales episode a couple of months ago. Glenn Ford and his then-girlfriend Cynthia, Milton Berle and his equally witty wife Ruth, and perfectly kooky pair Donald Ross and Patti Deustch each won two questions and missed two questions, winning money for everyone in the studio.

Made my bed and went through the pile of paperwork and bills accumulating on the crates next to my desk while Press Your Luck was on. Everyone got hit hard with Whammies today, and no one really made much money. The younger of the two guys picked up just enough money to win.

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Bill Cullen's entrance is a distraction for the real "secret weapon" - the arrival of Princess Della (Reece) and Richard's buddy Nipsey (Russell) and his ax. Malade not as angry about having another Legendary Princess there as you'd think she would be, though, since it's getting awfully close to midnight. Midnight increases her powers, and ends that of the fairies...

Broke for dinner at 6:30 for chicken soup made from leftovers and Match Game. Janet Finn, who would become one of the show's biggest winners, made her first appearance in this 1974 episode. She won money right out of the starting gate when Betty White matched her "Three Musketeers" answer, prompting much kissing from Richard Dawson and Orson Bean!

Sale of the Century didn't go nearly as well. While everyone bought something, they all kept getting the questions wrong. No one was terribly ahead of anyone else going into the Speed Round. The champ did win the Speed Round decisively, but this time, he had more trouble with the Bonus Round.

My Frozen Banana Whirl came out much better. I tossed three mushy bananas in the refrigerator a few days ago, then cut them up and put them in the food processor with honey, coconut milk, and the last tiny bit of mango sorbet from a while back. Oh, yum! Sweet, fruity, and so very tropical. Who needs cow's milk, anyway? Healthy and chilling, with plenty left for tomorrow.

Finished the night with I Live for Love on TCM's website. I go further into this 1935 romantic comedy with Dolores Del Rio and Everett Marshall at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

I Live for Love

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