Saturday, August 29, 2020

When the Sun Came Out

It rained off and on all night. The rain was on when I rolled out of bed this morning. Listened to it fall while eating breakfast and watching an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel and Katarina play restaurant at school, but he doesn't like Prince Wednesday butting in as a scary bear. He realizes that everyone feels something different in "Friends and Feelings" when Katarina thinks Wednesday is funny, not scary. "Daniel's Day of Many Feelings" takes him from the library to the post office to Music Man Stan's shop, with him noticing how his feelings change at each stop.

Made Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies while switching to The Roku Channel for the original Charlie's Angels. The Angels get their disco on in the fourth season episode "Angels On Skates." Freddy Fortune (Rene Auberjonis) is the slimy owner of a roller disco palace on the boardwalk at Venice Beach. When one of the best roller skaters on the boardwalk is kidnapped in broad daylight, Kris joins Fortune's roller skating chorus line and Bosley, Tiffany, and Kelly pass as reporters doing an article to find out who wants her and why.

The rain slowed by the time I left, but it remained humid and hot. It started showering again about half-way through my ride. I arrived at work wet.

The Acme was pretty quiet when I arrived. Once again, the rain cleared out the customers. Once the rain petered out around noon, the customers arrived. We were on and off busy for the rest of the day, with no really major problems. I picked up brown sugar and milk quickly on the way out.

Checked my cell phone when I got home and discovered Rose tried to call me when I was at work. I called her back after I changed and settled down. I hadn't heard from her this week because she and her family got sick (again). We'll apparently be able to get together and sign those papers on Monday or Tuesday.

Returned to Charlie's Angels, this time at Crackle, while having potato hash with my last leftover ground turkey steak for dinner. "Angel Blues" from the second season is unusually sad for this show. Charlie assigns the Angels to find out how his favorite country singer died of a heroin overdose. While Kelly and Sabrina do research, Kris joins the cab driver who was the last person to see the girl alive...and is the one who discovers just how badly the girl was used by everyone around her, from drug dealers to her agent to an abusive boyfriend.

Took a much-needed bath after the show ended while listening to Jazz for the Quiet Times. Read Women Who Run With the Wolves while I relaxed. I want to be stronger, wilder, and more able to take control of my destiny...but I also want to do what everyone else does. My mind keeps telling me that if I do what everyone else does, if I make everyone happy, if I just do the right thing, act the right way, talk in the right way, I'll finally have a home and friends and a real job and be really, truly real. I wish I knew how to push those fears away so the wild woman can be strong and do what she has to do.

Finished the night with Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam at Disney Plus. I go further into the sequel to the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie hit at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Musicals On TV - Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

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