Monday, August 17, 2020

Doing Things a Different Way

Slept in this morning and didn't roll out of bed until nearly 10:30. Blockbusters was on by the time I had breakfast. The father-daughter pair took on a young woman. They played off each other nicely and won a game apiece, but the pair finally won the tiebreaker just as the episode ended.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while cleaning up from eating. "Daniel's Substitute Teacher" is a brand-new episode. Daniel and his friends are initially upset when a cheerful male teacher comes in for an ailing Teacher Harriet on the day of their big springtime choir program. They start to warm up to him when he does a round robin for Storytime and lets them eat outside. His dances for the show prove to be an equally big hit with kids and parents alike.

Finished the dishes while The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That was on. Sally loves her fancy silk princess dress she's donned for "Dress Up Day" and is horrified when it's torn and her mother has no silk thread. The Cat takes them to get silk from a friend of his who is a thread-producing silk worm. When the kids get muddy, The Cat whisks them off to the savanna to show how lions, hippos, and sparrows keep clean and have their "Bathtime."

Spent the next few hours online and on the phone. First, I looked for the USB stick with my lists of goals and things I want to do. Unfortunately, most USB sticks don't have labels. It took me several tries to find it.

The big thing right now soon as I can afford it, I want a house. A real house. Just a small, one-room cottage, nothing fancy. I'm tired of living in apartments and dealing with landlords, even ones I know. I'm not a young adult anymore. I'm 41, and it's time I started living like a 41-year-old. I'd also like to look beyond New Jersey once the pandemic subsides long enough to allow for travel. New Jersey may be where I grew up, but it's also overpriced and overcrowded.

There's still a lot that I need to get rid of, upgrade, and replace here, too. Been meaning to paint the two black shelves that are now in the hallway a more cheerful color for years. The black looks so gloomy, especially in the dark hall. Need a bed frame, a dish pan, and a vacuum. The dresser and kitchen table and chairs are cheap, rickety Walmart furniture and are starting to fall apart. The TV, Roku, and printer all need to be upgraded. Plus, I need clothes, blouses and snow boots and a summer purse and winter dress.

Called PNC Bank after I made my list. The check still hadn't gone through! Of course, it wouldn't go through until Tuesday. I thought the next business day was today. No, apparently deposits on Saturday count as Monday deposits and don't turn up in your account until the day after.

Not only that, but they hadn't taken the overdraft fee off, either. I talked the lady into removing it - they made the mistake, not me - but they said they wouldn't be doing it again. I just care that they did it now. It's not like I did it on purpose!

Had a very quick lunch while watching Password Plus. Nancy Lane of Rhoda and goofy Sha-Na-Na singer Jon "Bowzer" Bauman guided two previous champions through several tough puzzles. Bowzer and his contestant just barely made it to the Alphabetics bonus round...which they then missed by one word.

Headed out even before the episode was over. I had enough money to buy at least a few things. CVS had nothing I needed. They were out of most of the smaller dishwashing liquid bottles, and I couldn't even find the hand soap. Besides, everything is so expensive there. Did much better at Dollar General, where I picked up the dish washing liquid, hand soap, and ant spray. I've had trouble with ants since I moved in. They're everywhere! They had an odorless spray that said it would get rid of the ants for 7 which time we'll be in winter and they'll all be dormant anyway.

Besides, I'm tired of sitting around inside. It was such a nice day, I had to get out, if only for an hour or so. While it remained a bit humid, the temperatures were down to a far more normal lower 80's. I saw a couple of folks working on their gardens, and some kids out on bikes.

Tattletales was on when I got in. It was an episode I'd seen before, with shy Julie London and her equally quiet songwriter husband Bobby Troupe coming out the big winners. Sprayed around the baseboards and outside around the side of the house as best I could while Press Your Luck ran. The Whammies once again slammed the contestants, knocking the champ out early in the second round. It came down to the woman and the other man; the guy finally hit a Hawaiian vacation and golf clubs in quick succession that won him the game.

(Spraying seems to have done the trick. I've seen two ants since then, and none tonight.)

Worked on writing after the show ended. Charles is able to give Brett her energy back and restore her to her normal cranky, witty self. She's able to do the same for him when she sees his burned back and uses her powers of nature to heal him. Her stepmother's not happy about being ignored, though...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Tonight's Match Game episode was one of the wilder ones of 1974. McLean Stevenson got so carried away celebrating a contestant's big Head-to-Head win, he kissed everyone around him...including Gene and Richard! Sale of the Century was a real nail-biter this evening. Both of the women bought something, and no one was too far ahead the entire game. Friday's champ just barely pulled ahead in the speed round. She didn't do nearly as well with the bonus round, though.

Returned to PBS Kids for the Daniel Tiger special Won't You Sing Along With Me? that was created to help kids and families deal with the pandemic. Poor Dan is confused and upset when the town carnival is canceled, he can't invite his friends over, and his father is working at home and can't play with him. Songs from other episodes with on-screen sing-along lyrics show him that it's ok to feel confused, frustrated, and upset right now. Everyone else is, too, including adults.

(And I really wish they'd done more with this special. I would have liked to have seen how the other families in the Neighborhood dealt with the pandemic; this seemed kind of thrown-together, especially given the pandemic has been raging in North America since at least March.)

Finished the night online after a shower with a second-season episode of Charlie's Angels on Crackle. The girls join a "Circus of Terror" to find out who's behind the accidents that threaten to shut it down. Sabrina falls for the handsome son of the owner (James Darren) and enjoys working as the assistant to the show's clown. Kris is less happy about being an assistant to the mysterious knife-thrower. Kelly passes herself off as a motorcycle stunt rider, while Bosley is pursued by a very tiny lady with a big interest in him. After someone tries to burn their tent with them in it, the girls realize they're getting close...but it'll take some research from Charlie to reveal who really wants the circus to close and why.

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