Saturday, August 08, 2020

Lucy and the Cartoon Heroes

Began a sunny morning with a late breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. We get to see Daniel's nightly routine in "Daniel Goes to Sleep." He would rather keep playing at first, until his parents get him settled down with Tigey. "Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over" when Prince Tuesday babysits Daniel and Margaret. As happy as the boys are to be sharing a blanket tent, they have a hard time going to sleep with Margaret crying and all the noise around the house.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers is now known as Mickey's Mixed-Up Adventures. Other than Mickey's house replaces his garage as a gathering spot and they end with an updated version of the Hot Dog Dance, it's pretty much the same as before. The first episode features the entire gang racing or getting involved in other shenanigans, often in different parts of the world. The second short puts the spotlight on Daisy and Minnie as "Happy Helpers" giving their aid to various citizens of Hot Dog Hills.

After Chip and Dale eat Donald's breakfast waffles, the rest of the gang devises "Donald's Fast Food 500," with vehicles themed after their favorite foods and each stop representing Donald's favorite meals. Chip and Dale try to help, but they just can't seem to get anything right with Don, until they take the cake at the end of the party. Minnie's nieces Millie and Melody become "Mini-Helpers" in order to free their aunt up for play time in the park. Dog washing doesn't go as well as they hoped, but even with his hand stuck in a pickle jar, Big Pete manages to inadvertently help out.

Stayed at Disney Now, but moved on to Muppet Babies as I cleaned up from breakfast and crocheted the last tieback for my windows. Kermit becomes "Secret Agent Double-Oh Frog" in order to retrieve his baby banjo from Dr. Nose (Gonzo) and OddFoz (Fozzie). "A Tale of Two Twins" brings Scooter and Skeeter back in. The girls want Skeeter to have a spa day with Skeeter, while the boys ask Scooter to join a tricycle race. Thing is, Scooter would rather be relaxing and working on the girls' computerized spa machines, and Skeeter wants to race with the guys. They switch places in order to be able to participate in the activity they love best.

Went for a walk after the show ended. There weren't many people out and about, other than a girl walking her dog, and it was hardly surprising. It wasn't quite as hot, but it remained mega-humid. The air was too stuffy for most people to be anywhere but in air conditioning. I did stroll down to WaWa for a Lemon Freeze, then walked around the neighborhood behind Kendall Boulevard and next to the school. I'm trying to get an idea of what the houses around here are like. Trouble is...I think most of the homes in this area were built for families. I'm one person. I don't need three rooms, two baths, a dining room, and a huge backyard. I need to find a place where the houses are smaller.

When I got home, I had a quick strawberry-banana smoothie while watching DC Super Hero Girls on the Cartoon Network app. This is the slightly cuter revamp of the series featuring younger versions of many of the major DC superheroes attending high school together.

There were only two episodes unlocked at the moment. #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1" introduces the Girls - Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and magician Zantana - to their male counterparts. The male Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, would rather keep the groups's attempts to find out who's behind the random graffitti popping up on separate paths. Wonder Woman disagrees, especially after she discovers that her crush Steve Trevor leads the boys' group. Harley Quinn and Barbara Gordon are odd friends who are delighted to attend "#GothamCon" together, but neither is aware that the other is a superhero and a villain, even after they fight each other to rescue guest star Robin from certain doom.

Spent the rest of the afternoon crocheting, writing, and watching "Buzzr Loves Lucy." In honor of Ball's birthday earlier in the week, Buzzr put together a five-hour marathon of some of her funniest appearances on game shows. I got a glimpse of the black-and-white version of What's My Line?, including original panelists Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennett Cerf, when Lucy and Desi Arnez made an appearance as the Mystery Guests in 1957.

I've Got a Secret was more-or-less the same deal, only the panelists guessed the contestant's unusual secret, rather than their occupation. As cute as the four sets of twins who appeared in the beginning were, even they were overshadowed by Lucy's attempt to get the panelists mirroring the feelings in her wacky facial expressions. (I believe this episode was from 1961, from the references to Lucy's stage musical vehicle Wildcat that opened on Broadway that year.)

Lucy proved to be a surprisingly adept Password player. She did well in an original Password episode from 1964 where she played alongside her husband Gary Morton and her two equally-smart children Desi Arnaz Jr. (who was merely 11 at that point) and Lucie Arnaz (who was 13). (Incidentally, the adults played for charity. The kids played for their allowances.) She played even better when she helped her contestant through the Alphabetics round against Dick Martin in Password Plus in 1980.

The show I most looked forward to seeing was Body Language, which I watched while eating pan-fried potatoes and sauteed Italian squash and tomatoes with my chicken leg for dinner. Not only was physical comedy Ball's stock in trade, she was up against fellow ham Charles Nelson Reilly. Needless to say, this was by far the funniest of the episodes seen today. Though Ball was in her 70's by 1984, she was still as spry and funny as ever, doing a Rockettes kickline and a monkey, among others.

Lucy didn't seen to enjoy the all-star Super Password episodes from a year later quite as much. Though she was working with Dick Martin again and was joined by Betty White and loopy Carol Channing, other than a few quips, she seemed more bored than animated. Maybe she was just angry that Betty White made the bonus round this time.

Got some writing in between shows. Charles and the frog are looking for Betty when a blast of heat slams Charles into the wall. He looks up dazedly to see a black shoe with onyx trim...and its owner Malade, who has Brett and the frog in her clutches...

Finished out the night on YouTube with Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure. I go further into this bizarre live action-animated hybrid at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure

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