Sunday, August 02, 2020

You Spin Me Round Like a Record

Kicked off a late morning with blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Oh yum, they came out perfectly, just cooked enough and and bursting with the rest of the berries Rose gave me a while back. They tasted great with a plum and Hot Cinnamon tea.

Spent the next few hours organizing the records and the crates that held them while listening to music. The crates were completely mixed-up from the move, and I wanted to turn the larger ones on their sides so they could hold more. It took three hours, but I finally got everything in and as organized as it's going to get. There wasn't enough room to have all four big crates on their sides, so one had to sit on its bottom. All of the records but the children's titles are in the closet. The kids' records are in a crate next to the TV, so my nieces and nephews can listen to them, and the CD binders are under them.

Opted for soundtracks as I worked. Since I reviewed Dirty Dancing at my Musical Dreams blog a while back, figured I might as well run my LP, too. My family must have worn out our cassette copy back in 1987-1988. "I Had the Time of My Life" was the big hit, but my favorite song from this score has always been Patrick Swayze's intense ballad "She's Like the Wind."

Found the soundtrack to Back to the Future at a thrift shop in the Villas back in 2005, a few months before I moved to Oaklyn. Huey Lewis had the hits here with "Back In Time" and "The Power of Love," but I can't hear "Earth Angel" and not think of the version from the film where George McFly finally stands up for the woman he loves...and inadvertently saves his future children in the process. I'm not as fond of the original Footloose movie as I am of Back to the Future, but it does have some great tunes, including the title song, "Let's Here It for the Boy" and "Almost Paradise."

I'd switched to my Kenny Loggins Greatest Hits CD by the time Rose arrived. She had to get through to see Jodie. When she left, she asked me if there was anything I needed at the store. I just told her skim milk. She brought that, and a container of strawberries, too.

Sandy knocked on my door as I finished up the records. She'd bought a longer curtain rod and was ready to hang it. To tell the truth, it seems a little flimsy, but it's better than nothing. The curtains are up now, and they look great. Now all I have to do is finish putting everything else on the walls.

Broke for lunch around 2:30, then finished with the records. Went online around 4 and was browsing when I heard giggles and squealing next-door. Rose brought Finley and Khai over to cheer up Jodie. Khai spent the entire time bent over his iPad, but I did bring Finley over to my place briefly to play with my stuffed animals and cuddle Luna the Webkinz Black Cat.

After I left them with Jodie, I returned to writing. Richard slides the crystal shoe on Fannie's foot, but says he'll still be her champion, even if he can't be her lover. Good thing, too. Ira breaks up the party, demanding to arrest Richard, but Fannie's able to show everyone why she's the Princess of the Air and blow him into the rafters.

Broke for leftovers for dinner around quarter of 7. Listened to the soundtrack LP from Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure while I ate. Joe Raposo, who wrote music for Sesame Street for years, did the songs for this one. Some of them work better outside of the context of the film, like the charming ballad "Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers" for Andy and Ann, Andy's defiant "I'm No Girl's Toy," and the Camel With the Wrinkle Knees' country-flavored tale of sadness "Blue." Others, such as the blob-like Greedy's "I Never Get Enough" or prank-loving King Koo-Koo's "It's Not Easy Being King," are weird in and out of the film. I remember it being fun but strange even when it showed up on The Disney Channel in the late 80's-early 90's. Too bad Paramount doesn't show any interest in releasing it for streaming or DVD. It's not really bad, just odd and a little dark-ish.

Finished the night online with Hart to Hart on The Roku Channel. Jennifer hears "Whispers In the Wings" during the fifth season when she and Johnathan agree to appear in a charity show on Broadway. There's mysterious goings-on at the theater that leads many to believe it's haunted by the spirit of a stage star who died a few years before...a star Jennifer greatly resembles. Johnathan knows there's no such things as ghosts and searches the theater for the real prankster. (Check out Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers' hilarious take on "A Couple of Swells" from the 1948 movie Easter Parade)

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