Thursday, August 13, 2020

Summer Showers

Began the morning with Split Second as I got dressed. The woman champion finally met her match in a young doctor. They were tied at the end of the regular round, but he came on strong during the Countdown Round and ended up winning. He too missed the car and wanted to return.

By the time I sat down with my Farina and apple, Buzzr had moved on to Blockbusters. It was a back-and-forth battle between a father-daughter pair and an unemployed airline pilot. The father and daughter won the first round, only to see the pilot sweep the next. They were on the tie breaker round when the show ended.

Spent the next hour and a half crocheting and watching Carefree. I go into more detail on this 1938 screwball comedy featuring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Cult Flops - Carefree

Switched to the original 1980's My Little Pony while making a Blueberry-Plum Smoothie for lunch. The Sea Ponies bring back "The Magic Coins" in a chest while the Ponies are on a picnic. They're delighted to discover that the coins can grant wishes, until Baby Lickety-Split thoughtlessly wishes it would never rain again and spoil their outings. Now there's a terrible drought in Ponyland that threatens to destroy it, unless Meghan and the ponies can figure out what the grouchy ogre who owns the coins really wants.

It wasn't until I'd finished lunch that I noticed the little hook that came with the other things in Linda Young's package. I thought it was a bookmark (Linda and James love books), but it turned out to be a metal Command hook. Unfortunately, in my zeal to get the plastic covering it off, I pulled off the sticky part, too. It just wouldn't stick to the wall after that. I'll see if I can get the plastic hooks this weekend.

Moved on to Match Game as I messed with the hook. While the panelists tried to figure out who they wanted as "___ for President" in the Audience Match, Brett showed off her flowing jungle-print dress.

Went for a walk after lunch. The rain started sometime around 1, but it wasn't heavy rain like earlier in the week, just a light shower. I was able to stroll to Dollar General with my umbrella and only arrive a little damp. Mainly went for tortilla chips. I planned on having Southwestern Black Bean Dip tonight and forgot it at the Acme yesterday. Checked their first aid supplies to see if they had any bandages that closed with Velcro. Nope. All they had was the sticky kind of bandage that sticks to itself and you and never lasts for very long.

While it remained humid, it also cooled off considerably. I was able to make Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins when I got home. There's another beloved game show host and his long-long time wife on Tattletales this week. This time, the happily married couple is Monty Hall and his wife Marilyn. They only came in second, behind birthday boy Pat Harrington and his wife Marjorie. I think Juliet Prowse and Jon McCook got one answer right.

I was dishing out the batter into cups as Press Your Luck started. The Whammies flew fast and furious today, knocking one guy out of the second round before he'd barely gotten through two turns. It came down to the champ and the one woman. The champ finally got enough money to pass her and win again.

Worked on writing as the muffins cooked and after I got them out of the oven. The fairies gently chide Charles when he says he's not a warrior or a champion. Nonsense, insists Joyce. He cares about his friend. That's enough. Malade angrily throws a flame to harm Charles and Brett. He protects her, letting it singe his back and give him some nasty burns. Joyce tells him he's the only one who can give Brett her power and her life back while the music continues to drain Malade...

Broke to make the black bean dip at 6:30. Charles returned for today's 1974 Match Game episode. (Apparently, he was sick the week before.) He came in time to see Gene roll down the stairs in the opening and try to figure out the Audience Match answers for "____ Crab."

The woman champ on Sale of the Century had no problems with today's contestant. She remained ahead the entire game, and even bought a cute folding bicycle Instant Bargain. In a thrilling bonus round, she came back at the last second to win the money, getting "Frank Sinatra" on two clues after missing one of the previous puzzles.

Moved onto It's a Living on Tubi as I did the dishes. The waitresses frequently had to deal with some pretty scary goings-on at the restaurant on the top of the Hotel Bonventure. "Desperate Hours" from the third season had them all hostages as a group of terrorists use them to try to for the ambassador of their small island nation to give in to their demands. The women are frightened at first, but they gradually become more angry and take more control of the situation.

Finished the night with more It's a Living after a shower. Stayed in the third season for a "Jewel Heist." The princess of an Asian country is visiting the restaurant. The waitresses are all beside themselves, especially once they see the size of the diamond necklace she's wearing. When the giant gem becomes the target of robbers, only a drugged Dot figures out what's going on.

Jumped back to the first season for "Up on the Roof." Nancy, Sonny, and the waitresses get hot under the collar when there's a fire in the hotel and they can't get down the stairs. After helping out a couple and listening to an evangelist's spiel, they finally get the customers downstairs...but there's the little matter of finding someone to rescue them.

Moved ahead to the second season for "Strange Bedfellows." Poor Dot just lost her boyfriend and is now in the hospital with ruptured nose. She lashes out at her overly cheerful roommate, until she finds out why the young woman is in the hospital. Meanwhile, the other waitresses try to reconcile two elderly brothers at a convention for World War I veterans.

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