Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Golden Days of Summer

Began the morning with breakfast and What's My Line? I came in just as the panel learned about the man who created a skiing speedometer. They didn't have as much luck figuring out that the female contestant was not only a roofer, but a foreman as well. They did much better with the Mystery Guest. Soupy Sales caught on that it was Frank Gifford, who was then best known as a sportscaster. I knew him as the husband of Kathie Lee Gifford whom she often spoke of during my late childhood and teen years.

Didn't have the chance to finish the morning Sale of the Century episode. Now that my security deposit check went through, I could finally pay off the last of my bills from the Manor Avenue apartment. The bills for Comcast and PS&G were way higher than I expected them to be; frankly, I'm glad to be done with both. (When I get internet again after I move, I may stay with Verizon and deal with their frequent outages. Comcast is expensive, and their modems are cumbersome and clunky.) On the other hand, my bill from Cooper Orthopedics was a lot less than I expected, probably just the co-pay from my last appointment.

After that, I was able to hit Amazon for a little shopping. The big thing I wanted there was a vacuum cleaner. My old red Dirt Devil was cheap, noisy, too big for this small apartment, and really made to clean carpets, not rugs and wood floors. The slim bright blue Bissell I picked up was admittedly only 30 dollars, but it was top-ranked and could be pulled apart and used as a hand-held vacuum, too. That might work well to clean up dirt and dust from the futon and the cushions on the kitchen chairs.

Also grabbed two books. The newest Star Wars Shakespeare spoof, The Merry Rise of Skywalker, just came out a few weeks ago. I had to have it. (I'll go back and see if I can pick up the prequel Shakespeare spoofs at Christmas.) Wings of the Pirate looks like an intriguing Indiana Jones-style adventure, just the kind of thing I love.

Dashed off to work shortly after getting off the laptop. The rush turned out to be unnecessary. It was too lovely of a day for the Acme to be busy. We were on-and-off steady all day. I worked on story notes during the downtime. Other than a few annoying customers, there were no major problems, and I was in and out.

It wasn't even busy on Nicholson Road when I got out. Everyone must have been down at the Shore or swimming in their backyard pools. I encountered no traffic whatsoever, not even around the mall entrance. No wonder no one was around. The weather was lovely, hot and slightly humid, but not nearly as bad as last month, and clear as a bell.

Went straight into writing when I got home. Malade doesn't appreciate Brett healing Charles' burned back and reveals she has Queen Betty (White)'s frog friend in a burlap sack. She'll hurt him if the others don't do what she wants...but Betty and Brett are tired of listening to her...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Ate leftovers while watching one of the wildest Match Game episodes of 1974. McLean Stevenson kicked off the episode by showing up in the contestant's seat. Towards the end of the episode, after Richard helped the contestant won money, McLean chased Gene behind the audience and around the studio!

Sale of the Century got just as wild. Everyone ended up with something. The one male contestant got a trip to Las Vegas and finally won the 16,000 Instant Cash, but the champ came on strong in the Speed Round and emerged victorious. She still didn't have much luck with the bonus round, though.

Finished out the night online with The Student Prince. I go further into this bittersweet operetta romance at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

The Student Prince


Linda said...

If you have hardwood floors, why buy a vacuum at all? Just buy a dustmop and dustpan & brush! ::green with envy::

Emma said...

I also have two rugs. They're really for them. I'll be picking up a dustmop eventually, too.