Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Comedy Tonight

Began the morning with breakfast and the second half of What's My Line. I came in as they chatted with a woman who performed in an automobile show. She and another woman hung off the end of cars that dragged them along. (It looked painful on the rear.) The Mystery Guest was in the middle of the show today, instead of the end; Sherrye easily guessed it was Patty Duke. I suspect the Mystery Guest was in the middle because the last guest was a man who sold Santa Claus suits. Once Anne Francis guessed what he did, everyone donned a Santa Claus suit, ending what I suspect was the show's Christmas episode.

Once again, I headed online as Sale of the Century began. Wanted to do at least a little writing before I went to work. Gene has a "secret weapon" - the Palace is surrounded. Della and Nipsey arrive with reinforcements from Columbia Eye, and Patti's mer-folk are in Andersen Bay. Malade reminds them that she holds the bag - namely, the bag with the frog who befriended Betty (White) and seems very familiar to her...

Dashed off to work about ten minutes after I shut off the computer. Just barely made it on time. As it turned out, once again, we were quiet for most of the afternoon. A light shower as I headed to work may have scared a lot of people off early-on. By the time the rain ended, it was later in the day, and most people were at work. I did have some very annoying customers towards the end who almost made me late, but other than that, there were no real problems.

Had a lot of grocery shopping I needed to do. Unfortunately, the Acme was out of stock on apple cider vinegar and low-salt diced tomatoes. I'll see if I can get them when I'm out and about tomorrow.

Did better with other sales. Bryers products are buy one, get one. I went with easier-to-carry Talenti. Chicken's on a big 40 percent off sale. Grabbed two inexpensive packs of breasts that were among the few packs they had left. Had an online coupon from the reward program for free 18-count eggs. The Acme's having their big dollar vegetable sale. I picked up spinach and grape tomatoes. Found a book about a girl who controls a wardrobe of magical dresses in the bargain books bin; got a fifty-cent notebook from the back-to-school sales. Restocked yeast, sandwich bags, parchment paper, canned black beans, whole wheat flour, chocolate chips, and yogurt.

Caught a little bit of Match Game when I got in. Anson Williams of Happy Days made his first appearance on the show in 1974, in an episode where an answer of Tinkerbell prompted jokes from Brett and Charles. Made scrambled eggs with cheese, tomatoes, and spinach as I watched Sale of the Century. The champ had some competition from the other woman early on, but then she hit a two number cards on the Fame Game board and jumped way ahead and once again blew them away in the Speed Round. Still no luck with the Bonus Round...though

Finished the night with a couple of sitcom episodes. Did The Patty Duke Show while cleaning up the dishes. "The Con Artist" sells Cathy a vacuum that costs way more than she can afford. Patty tries to get her out of it, and only ends up buying more attachments. The girls try to offload the vacuum, using the tactics the fellow used on them, only to learn from Patty's dad that the man is part of a counterfeit group selling phony vacuums and now he thinks they're members of the gang.

Moved onto MASH on Hulu after my shower. "The General Flipped at Dawn" is the first episode of the third season. Henry Blake is worried that the new general (Henry Morgan, a year before he became  General Potter) will crack down on them. Frankly, the general turns out to be just plain cracked. He tries to court-martial Hawkeye and threatens to move them closer to the front.

The Golden Girls help their local police out in the Season 2 episode "To Catch a Neighbor." Their new neighbors are jewel thieves whom the police are hoping to trap. Sophia is hoping to push Dorothy towards the older officer (Joseph Campanella), while Blanche flirts with the younger (George Clooney).

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