Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bike Trouble

Began a bright and sunny morning with breakfast and the Laurel and Hardy fantasy vehicle March of the Wooden Soldiers. I go further into this popular version of the venerable fantasy in this review from my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog from two years ago.

My DVD copy of the movie comes with a plethora of holiday-related public domain extras. I'd never checked out the black and white toy commercials before. There was one for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, when they were still plastic pieces you stuck into real potatoes. Other toys are less familiar, but have ancestors kids still play with today. The battery-operated dog that picks up its magnetic bone when you tug on its leash reminds me of a similar electronic dog on a leash my little niece Finley got for Christmas last year. My siblings and I had updated versions of the Remco car wash and town for our Hot Wheels in the 80's and 90's. 

After I stacked the dishes in the rack, I took down the fall and Thanksgiving decorations. Yes, I know fall continues for another month, but I'd like to do my first deep cleaning here before I put up the Christmas and winter stuff. Amanda's visiting on Thursday, too, and I want everything to be ready for her.

Ran the current version of Muppet Babies on Disney Now while I worked. It's "A Very Muppet Babies Christmas," and the kids are excited about opening their Secret Santa gifts. Everyone loves what they got...except Kermit, who got what appears to be a green lump he attempts to trade away. Turns out the "lump" isn't what he thinks, and the important thing about the gift is really that the person who gave it to you did it with love. Summer's upset that a blizzard canceled her going home to the South Pole for the holidays, so Piggy decides to hold "Summer's Super Fabulous Holiday Surprise" right outside. Trouble is, she ends up adding her own traditions in place of Summer's and forgetting the reason she dit it in the first place.

Headed out around 11:30 for a walk to Dollar General. Besides, it was too nice to stay in all day. Fresh breezes blew across heaps of nut-brown leaves scattered in piles on the sidewalks as the sun made it just warm enough to need a heavy sweater, rather than a coat. Dollar General was relatively busy for lunch time. The busy week showed in their decimated shelves. They had neither brown sugar nor the dollar cans of pumpkin and boxes of aluminum foil left. Had more luck finding the Jif on sale and a larger container of foil, along with my favorite pecan roll I've never seen anywhere but that store.

Put on Match Game when I got home and as I had a cranberry-banana smoothie for lunch, and then as I worked on a project. I'm tired of digging through those DVD boxes I bought this summer for the Christmas titles. Since I still had half the pack of DVD/CD holder pages left, I bought a binder at Dollar General and loaded the DVDs into them, including the one I just got on eBay a couple of days ago, The Stingiest Man In Town. That will free up room in the boxes for more DVDs too, or to rearrange the ones I currently have. 

Went outside around 2 PM to finally get that new inner tube on the bike. That proved to be easier said than done. I had no trouble getting one washer off, but the other was stuck. It just would not budge, no matter how hard I pulled on the wrench. 

I was still yanking on it when Finley rushed up to me in a sequined shirt, wonder what I was doing and wanting to play with the still-good front wheel. Turns out she, her brother, and her mother were visiting Jodie and bringing a few things for her and me from their house. Rose did manage to get the washer off, but she admonished me for using cheap tools and suggested I buy a better tool kit than the two dollar store screwdrivers I've used for 18 years and the 10 dollar Allen wrench I picked up a couple of years ago. 

To my embarrassment, when I pumped up the new inner tube to get it in, it was way, way too small. I have no idea how I ended up with one that small. We just ended up putting it in the garage until I could get ones the right size. At least Finley had fun as I found a place for my gingerbread house and put away the butter and sparkling water Rose gave me. She watched me in the kitchen, then played with the Cabbies at their table and had them pet Luna before her mother took her and her brother to McDonald's for dinner.

Worked on writing after they left. The sailors try to separate Lorrie and her husband Anson, but Goodson insists on them remaining together, at least before they drop her off on dry land. He's less lenient with Gene. He has something special planned for the rebellious pirate captain...

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Watched Hart to Hart on the Roku Channel as I turned most of the leftovers from Rose's Thanksgiving Dinner into turkey soup. "A Christmas Hart" from the fourth season begins when the couple is robbed during their butler Max's birthday party. The robbery occurred while a young couple and friends of Max's were performing a song as part of the Jingle-Grams company. Johnathan and Jennifer spend the holidays undercover to find out what else the owner of Jingle-Grams has in mind and how the male half the young couple figures into it.

Ran two holiday episodes of Sofia the First at Disney Now while making peanut butter cookies. "Holiday In Enchancia" from the first season introduces the holiday of Wassail, their big winter gala. Sofia is looking forward to a big party with her new dad and siblings. When he vanishes in the snow, it make take advice from Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty and the help of her animal friends to find him. "The Mystic Isles: A Mystic Wassalia" introduces us to Wassail customs in other lands as Sofia discovers that her new friend and teacher Crystala may not have any Wassail traditions of her own.

Finished the night online with Jack and the Beanstalk at TCM. I go further into this goofy color fantasy vehicle for Abbott and Costello at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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