Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Once Upon a Pair of Cousins

Kicked off a sunny, breezy morning with breakfast and Perfect Strangers. In the seventh season Thanksgiving episode "Wild Turkey," Larry comes to their new home the day before Thanksgiving with 58 live turkeys he hopes to sell. After they all wander into the kitchen, Larry's wife Jennifer insists that one of them ate her wedding ring. Larry and Balki trace the only turkey they sold to a neighbor's house, where they end up invading their dinner in order to remove it from the bird.

Took Uber to and from work. Had very pleasant drivers both ways. The man who picked me up had a lovely Scottish accent and told me stories about driving in the Netherlands and Germany and how they take much better care of their roads than Philadelphia does.

Work was on-and-off busy, sometimes with lines down the aisles. In addition to this being two days before the major food holiday of the year (and a lot of people who would normally be going out staying at home and making dinner), it's also the day of the Acme's Senior Discount. At least two customers bought more stuff than they could afford and had to put some back. At least the young woman with the smaller order was really sweet about it. The mother with the screaming kids wasn't happy at all and was more of a pain; in the end, a manager finally decided to deal with her order elsewhere.

Caught the tail end of Press Your Luck as I got home. This was the Halloween episode I watched about a month ago, with Peter Tomarken sporting a Frankenstein mask near the end and doing a weird little dance in the end credits. In the end, the one guy couldn't get near the two ladies. The champ just kept winning, beating the other lady with an all-cash score.

Worked on writing for a while after I changed and had a snack. The other pirates, who are tied together, ask Goodson what will happen to them. Goodson says they'll be thrown in the brig on his ship the SS Todman and put on trial when they reach land. Brett refuses to allow Goodson's sailors to harm the other women on-ship and only agrees to be his guest if he releases them. Lorrie, however, realizes that one of Goodson's sailors looks familiar...

Broke for dinner at 6. Had roasted broccoli, a baked sweet potato, and leftover turkey burgers while watching Match Game '74. These two episodes were some of the nuttiest of the entire year! The first one introduces a bear of a contestant with a heavy beard who reminds Gene that he has to push the button to bring down the question holder. After he won, he kissed Jo Anne Worley during the Head-to-Head Match, which somehow lead to everyone kissing everyone else, and we had a rhyme from Nipsey Russell and a question about reactions to Brett streaking in the nude.

Finished the night with Once Upon a Brothers Grimm. I go further into this vintage TV fantasy from 1977 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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